Who is Checkin’ For Bossip? 50 Cent vs. Ye’

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Now that the fake-ass publicity beef is over, the real question who is is leaning on Bossip more, No Cents or Ye’. One of 50 Cents people contacted us last week:

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am a big fan of Bossip. I work with 50 Cent, and I put him onto bossip.com. He’s really “into” what people say about him (lol) so for the last month hes been checking out your site. He was on Hot 97 recently and slipped by saying Bossip.

When you listen to the audio of the Hot 97 interview, notice how No Cents tries to be slick and act like he is not leaning on our site. A recent Kanye West Bossip mention on the Wendy Williams show is also on the clip.

Go to Hot 97 to listen to the entire No Cents interview, Click here

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  • Dia


  • Hiphopisgarbage

    Listen to the entire interview? What words of wisdom could this buffoon possibly have to merit giving that amount of time….

  • Angela

    LOLz @ getting street cred by shouting out the name of a gossip site.

  • *Sigh*

    “LOLz@ getting street cred by shouting out the name of a gossip site.”

    Honestly,I really must ask: How old are you?

    This blog is entertaining to a certain extent,but damn-Sometimes y’all act waaay too childish.

    I remember listening to that Kim K interview,and after all the weeks and months of basically bashing the girl,when you finally get to talk to her-y’all sound nervous as hell and act like suck-ups.

    Hate to say it,but your ‘No Cent!’ attitude is only present behind a Keyboard and Mouse.

  • La. Finest

    So, good that he check this site out, but from the comment sections lately ain’t too many other people checkin for yall.

  • The Original Ebony

    Note to 50:


    There’s nothing wrong w/ confidence,

    but the cockiness combined w/ negative

    energy is a salty mix.

    I remember when you use to love me, sniff sniff

  • Macho-in-Paris-France


  • finally16nluvinit

    let me find out as martin would say”ya’ll stompin wit da big dogs”lol

  • ~

    50 is a smart guy.

  • lucky

    Nobody is worrying about nickle and kenyatta

  • http://yahoo.com carolyn

    hey 50 cents forget about that crack head lindsay lohan/ help me im broke and disgusted but i can be trusted. luv ya

  • http://www.supersoakthathoe.com I Stay SMH

    Okay so how silly does he look dancing in that video with JT? LMAO

  • http://www.tudgmvw.ofikc.com tmou vklpec

    bnvhaw kdwgqy qplautod qfagdtkbe bvtkf ckbiwur pfkbsmgt

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