Diddy’s Side-Deal

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

You have to give Cassie at least a B- for trying. What would you do if someone threw you deep into the ocean without knowing how to swim or doggy paddle. Here are some recent fashion shots of Diddy’s side-deal.

She is droppin’ her second album this year, we expect her to be working hard on getting some good tracks.

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  • http://thumbsnap.com/v/ZMGkK7fN.png Ms. Sugar walls


  • Buttercup

    She should stick to modelling. Her and Pon De Forehead (Rihanna) .

  • La. Finest

    Okay what are these random pictures for? Is it a magazine, album, ad, I mean really we already know she Diddy jumpoff and she releasing a album before many other actually talented artists on Bad Boy.

  • leah

    I am slim myself but damn, I have more of a body than her. It is like a child playing dress up. Let me know when she gets some curves.

  • http://gravatar_id=bcade373ec9236823eb0b3d345bc6def 1TruDiva w/ The PlatinumVocals

    What in the Fred Sanford Hell???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone needs to have a “talking to” with that young lady! Is one of her breasteses smaller than the other???

    Oh! My! Damn!

  • yes

    i’m not likin these pics, especially that first one ugh

  • Lirenee

    Leah, you took the words out of my mouth. She has the body of a 13 year old.

    These pictures are not a good look.

  • catfish

    Can he break me off a piece? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bring back the old comment format! No justice, No peace!

  • Lirenee

    Why is everyone upset over the old format being removed? I don’t comment much, so I could care less either way.

    Educate me.

  • http://www.TheShoeGame.com G-Roc

    She’s very cute, but she couldn’t sing if her life depended on it…

  • Bokoto

    BOOOO on the new format. Was there a reason to change what seemed to be working?

  • TT

    HALOSCAN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SUCKS…..

  • alicia

    didnt know cassie was gonna be in some “step up” like movie…anybody else hear about it? it’s supposed to drop 08

  • Lirenee

    TruDiva and Pistons36:

    Thanks for explanation. I see what you’re saying now. Both of you do have a point.

    I’m with ya’ll. Bring the old format back. It does get annoying to have to refresh the screen everytime to get new comments and to have to get out the article to read the others.


    Cassie looks like a child prostitute… Imma need her and Diddy 2 do better!!!!


    Oh and I’m with everybody else… this new comment format blows!

  • Karma

    Cassie is lookin’ like a box of color crayons in this pic. What the hell does she even sing? D list-her. She’s whack.

  • Karma

    That 2nd thumbnail pic…she looks deformed in the belly area. Ish.

  • robbyrob

    dam man.. i guess it helps to be #1 this year in Forbes list!!


  • Beautiful Blue Eyed Angel

    These pictures are terrible..She’s too pretty go out out like that…

  • http://www.myspace.com/mistressfyah Mistress Fyah

    I’m gonna have to agree with The Real Essence 1. She doesn’t catch the eye for me. Even with air brush and makeup she doesn’t make you say wow she’s really got the looks. Honestlly I’ve seen her modeling and she wasn’t too well at that. If you can’t move, you can’t model. Once again a fair skin female getting by with no talent.

    Can we hit her with rotten tomatoes now?! ๐Ÿ˜€ Okay >.> One tomato?? Please! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ You never like me do anything!! (I’m in a good mood don’t say anything, I already know.)

  • Akasha1

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. too. dayum. curveless! NOT HOT!

  • yea i said it


  • http://www.supersoakthathoe.com I Stay SMH

    [in my ghetto voice]

    Someone had said “boooooo” and stuff?

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