Pure Comedy: Mike Tyson Recounts Catching Robin Givens Creepin’ With Brad Pitt! Plus, Hilarious Endorsement Of Evander Holyfield’s BBQ Sauce! [Video]

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Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson Recounts Witnessing His Wife Robin Givens Cheating With Brad Pitt

“Iron” Mike Tyson’s one-man Broadway Show has stirred up quite the buzz lately as he has been on a media blitz spreading the word about his new gig. Of all the interviews he’s done, none can even come CLOSE to being as funny or shocking as the story he told on ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption last week. So without further ado, the champ.

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ROTFLMAO! No one in LIFE will ever compare to the fawkery and ratchetness that is Mike Tyson, God bless him.

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At this point we’ve all been witness to the infamous night that Mike Tyson chomped down on Evander Holyfield’s ear during their heavyweight championship bout in 1997.

Well, yesterday Mike might have just won the award for best tweet EVER as he hopped on to endorse Holyfield’s newest business venture in a way only he can.


Holyfield must have caught wind of the tweet and replied like a good sport.

Good to see these two play nice.

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