"Super" Mario Balotelli Nike Barbershop Commercial! [Video]

What You Know About It?: “Super” Mario Balotelli Nike Barbershop Commercial! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

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“Super” Mario Balotelli Nike Barbershop Commercial!

This is from a fan we know of, about the great Balotelli:


Balotelli could take this game to a whole new level. People don’t even know! They’re still talking about his antics. I’m tellin’ ya’ll just like I said before he went off in EURO. The kid is legit. We don’t know what he’s going to do. That’s so damn exciting it’s ridiculous. He’s like the ballers on the And1 tapes, a young Micheal Jordan if you will. What has he done? What has he won? And how old is he? You stick this kid in front of an Italian national team that can defend AND has a veteran keeper AND has a world class playmaker who can get him the ball AND we are seeing magic. Pure magic. Pure improv. A flow of ideas. No mention of the word impossible. No opponent is too big.

He is a striker deadly enough to end Germany in arguably their best run at a Euro since when? What did they say? 1968? And this is the Germany that is supposed to beat everyone and rule the world? And irony of all ironies a black man does it? Right in their back yard? In territory they/Hitler invaded? Books should be written about this man. And, as Prandelli so eloquently pointed out, “this is the beginning” of Balotelli!

Look at all the haters. The man is already legendary. He can show up in your league and take over. People love him, and I think that’s why a lot of people hate him. It’s just jealousy. It’s ok. The world is probably not ready for Balotelli, which is what makes him perfect for the footballing world. We need Balotellis. We love our Balotellis. He conjures up memories of players like Diego Maradona, Garrincha, and Cantona. Controversial? Sure. Great? Definitely.

He just scored 3 goals in Euro and he’s still playing! Yes he missed chances, but that’s life. The point is that he creates ridiculous opportunities for himself. Other players cannot do this. He has crazy ideas about what he is capable of, and that is genius. And so they feed him: Cassano, Pirlo, Montolivo, etc. They ALL feed him. The idea is so simple it’s perfect: FEED THE BEAST…

And watch him grow. -socalju





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