Weezy Celebrates Daughter’s B-Day

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

It was all fun and games at Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae’s birthday bash at Atlanta’s 300 Bowling Alley last night. Monica & TI joined in on the festivities too.

Mucho mas when you

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  • DaddyO


  • http://www.myspace.com/gazfynest OmG

    Happy Birthday 2 ya Happy birthday………

    Nice moment

  • kahmmillion

    Happy B-day!


    Awww she looks so happy! Say what you want bout Wayne but he definitly treats his daughter like a princess.

  • African Princess

    Top ten. I could cry I’m so happy.

  • Joey B

    she almost bigger than wayne is

  • KEDA

    the pics are cute, look like she had fun

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    Aww…Weezy being a father…excellent!

    with eyeglasses…he doesn’t look like he has progeria here…

  • throwedtexaschick


    You are so right about Lil Wayne. I was just thinking the same thing. Reginae is definitely his little princess.

  • Phenomenal Me... Ms. Dee

    Nice. Good to see Wayne so (genuinely) involved in his daughter’s life. Looks like they all had a good time. And that T.I. stay looking cute! (His daughter’s mom is pretty.)

  • Melia

    this corny lil monkey gets on my nerves. everytime i see his whacked out drug out conceited hood-rat ass i want to vomit in my mouth. why do people of color even support this waste of air?

  • Baby Girl

    This looks like one of those really good clean birthday parties. Im glad they kept it simple you know how people like to overdoe it. Having Monica and T.I. and Tiny just make it look like a real homley like I could just roll up and blend it. cute! Wayne you get a TEN today!

  • http://Afo.net Britt

    YOUR ARE SO RIGHT HE TREATS HIS DAUGHTER LIKE A PRINCESS, THE PRINCESS SHE IS. I don’t care for the way Lil Wayn looks, I like osme of his music. But i RESPECT HIM for taking care of his daughter and being in her life. That little girl will demand a Man who respects her like her Dad, The first man she loved. This is why you see our daughters on poles daning. If they had love like this from a Father a Father figure, Strip clubs would have to shut down.

  • http://Afo.net Britt



    Awwwww!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Reginae!!!!! One thing about Weezy, he goes ABOVE & BEYOND for her ass!!!!!!! Thats a GOOD LOOK!!!!

    ~ Sweets

  • http://Afo.net Britt

    @ Melia, yeah I agree with you on the drugs, But I know some no goods n’s who will not spend time with thier children. You gotta respect the man for nothing else, but that.



    So is TI…do yall see that boy?

  • Angee

    Yes, TI is so FIONE!! I know this about Wayne and his daughter (Happy Bday to her), but TI looks so good in these pics.

    Nice to see them having a good time with the kids. Tiny little girl looks just like her!!

  • MissydaCrunksta

    Man, that lil girl better be glad she takes after her mama, cause if she looked like Wayne, man….

  • Angee


    Yes Thank God Reginae look like her mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christmas Time aka ATXChick

    she is beatiful and i really hope she had a great birthday… that is his Princess fo sho

  • Baby Girl

    lol! Good morning ya’ll…T.I. is a cutie pie and I LOVE his swagger man so humble with hisself…I co sign Wyane looks like a cross between a money and a lion

  • Black Beauty

    These pictures are too cute! Looks like a fun time was had by all. T.I. looks nice, and Tiny even looks presentable. Monica looks good, she needs to put some music out. Can’t hate, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • Mz_Magnificent1 LUVS Her Prez

    Yes indeedy Nikki…that boy is fiiiiine!!! LOL

    Aww Reginae had a lil star-studded bash…she is cute and I love the fact her parents treat her like a little princess.


    @ Britt

    My thoughts exactly. I thank God my man trats our daughter like his princess, fathers set the bar for the type of men daughters view as worthy, and my husband has set that bar very very high. No skripper pole for my baby!!lol

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