Ja Rule Ft. Ashley Joi

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is Ja Rule’s new video ‘Body’ featuring Ashley Joi. Click here to listen to our exclusive interview with Ja.

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  • Harlem World

    The Hottest! My negro Ja is back! It’s MURDA!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Harlem World

    Baby it’s yo body!!! The only negro to go upside Fiddy head, now he’s back to get his proper impin’ back on… I-N-C dat realness!!!

  • T

    I agree this cat is really singing that is korny he needs to hang it up 50 ended his career !

  • Sean

    Man I have always liked Ja, do your thing!

  • RJ

    Let it go JA, let it go…

  • shawn

    not bad… i need to listen more of it ..lol


    Low budget video but it’s not bad and the song is alright.

  • http://www.myspace.com/pazjon1 Hey Hey

    is she the new Ashanti?

    this song is wack

  • Ashantiisfat

    song is mediocre at best but his body is banging! gad damn… i never thought i would say this but i want to hit that.

  • chantel

    nahh ja whooped 50’s ass. 50 and yayo sued him.

  • nomorebeyonce

    yall wack asses are haters. Ja is back and the joint is hot. Take note 50 take time off hit the gym and come back strong like Ja did…

  • kennedy


  • Lady Architect

    I don’t really like it sorry…Video is very wack…Is this Ashley girl suppose to be the new “princess” of R&B…or is she hittin up Irv and Ja for her singing career too?

  • lostinhigh

    lmao… wack….

  • Sean Forbes

    this s**t sucks, his career is over..ja, here’s some advice…RETIRE…MUTHAF*****

  • imunique

    The song is hot but the video is so..so..

  • Leah

    Putting pretty girls in your video will not save your career, give it up!

  • Flex

    I barfed.

  • vabeachallday

    im glad to see ja back. good look- video was lame.

  • treeze

    this song is hot its murda

  • lil black girl

    i can’t figure out if i can tolerate the song yet. but i CAN happily watch this on mute. the lil midget finally graduated from cock weisel. good look. whoever said this video is gay needs to be slapped. dude, its obviously catering to the chicks…lmao

  • Knoxus

    Horrible Production…Hmmm maybe someone will hook him up with a good remix..R Kelly…maybe someone could have the same body

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspot.com Bird

    I ain’t even gonna lie. Ja is turning me on right now.

  • ImpressMe

    I see her as the new Ashanti. Remember how he blew her up on Alwayas on call. Poor Ja …I actually liked uh oh with Weezy better. This song is so not prevelant…whats the point. Kanye is actually having some cred. and I can’t stand his cry baby ass! Hip hop is dead!

  • felicia

    I like the video it’s sounds cool.he is fine. 50 cent need to watch out cause Karma is a mutha……

    Kenya record sells proved.

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