Biting Or Paying Homage? All Of The People Nicki Minaj Borrowed Her Swag From

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A Gallery Of People Nicki Minaj Got Her Style From

Nicki Minaj is the most famous female rapper in the world and one of the most famous all around pop stars. But she didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. She definitely got her swag from a few choice pioneers that came before her.

So here’s the discussion: was she biting these people or just borrowing? You be the judge.

Chaka Khan – Moreso than anything, these two look like they were separated at birth. Weird.

Lady Gaga – All that weird freaky sh*t she’s been doing? Definitely an offspring of Gaga. Who’s an obvious offspring of…

Madonna – They all got their swag from Madonna.

Lil Kim – The rap style is ALL Lil Kim. Even Nicki can’t deny it.

Whoever Invented Wigs – That person deserves half of Nicki Minaj’s money. Wait…that’s what she probably pays her wig person.

Lil Wayne – She used his wacky delivery to really get her style down. She’s like the female Weezy.

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    Prince – That androgynous stuff? It’s all Prince.

    Kim Kardashian – Those butt injections? Yup.

    And here’s a little something just because:

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