Throwing Down: Men That’ll Whoop Dat A$$ If You Mess With Their Women

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Men That’ll Fight For Their Women

Hint: ladies love it when a man is willing to fight for them. It makes their lady parts do the Dougie. If you’re willing to defend your woman’s honor you’ll forever have brownie points in her book. These famous men understand.

Just take a look at the men that won’t hesitate to knock you out for their women.

Jay-Z – Well, Jay won’t fight you. But he’ll get that big a$$ bodyguard to whoop dat head if you push up on Bey.

Nick Cannon – He wanted to box Eminem for talking slick about Mariah. We don’t blame him.

Soulja Boy – He’ll scrap at Lil Scrappy for trying to insult his boo Diamond.

Wiz Khalifa – He was down to battle anyone that said a foul word about Amber, especially when they first started dating.

Kanye West – His girl gets a bad wrap and he’s down to defend her no matter what. Just wait. He’ll mob on someone sometime soon.

Ochocinco – He’s always defended Evelyn. Even when she clowns him in public. Diss her and he’ll smash out on you.

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    Chris Brown and Drake – The’ll fight over Rihanna and she isn’t even their woman.

    Safaree – He threatened to throw an a$$ whooping to the people at Hot 97 on behalf of his boo boo.

    Ray J – No matter what his role was in Whitney’s demise, he always wanted to defend her and ride out. Of course, he wouldn’t be able to do s*** but the effort was there.

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