Popular Scholar: Jena 6 Nooses Were Just a ‘Prank’

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Popular conservative scholar John McWhorter, who has been blasted by Afrocentric scholars for his views, says the white kids who hung the nooses that led to the Jena 6 case were just involved in a prank:

The nooses, though, were a prank. Mean, but a prank. Humor and mischief are all about pushing the envelope

Here is a little something our staff found on John McWhorter:

Unlike many of his peers, McWhorter had no interest in sports as a child, preferring to stay in the house reading, playing the piano or listening to his Spanish language records. His tendency to be a loner is the thing that he believes allowed him to avoid the cultural abyss that he argues consumes so many black students.

“My parents were rather socially insular people who conveyed, without ever being explicit about it, that ‘we’ were not like ‘them,’ ” McWhorter says. “It wasn’t that I didn’t spend time with other black kids. But I was inculcated subtly with a sense that ‘You do not do what they do.’ “

McWhorter blasted Black students in his book Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America..

Maybe if they hanged his ass, that would be a prank too.

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  • afafas


  • Londie

    Damn being first, this guy really bothers me, referring to his own people as them.Trust me when white people look at you, you are a “them”. He is so blind to reality

  • Londie

    thought i was first afafas

  • http://www.maryjblige.com Mary J Blige

    LMAO @ this useless self-hater. He is confused and deluded and deserves no recognition, attention or respect.

    “McWhorter had no interest in sports as a child, preferring to stay in the house reading, playing the piano or listening to his Spanish language records.”………..he is clearly also down low.

    All my love,

    Mary xx

  • danica

    maybe you should learn proper grammar before you put an intelligent man on blast

  • mmmwr

    does he know that he is “them”? the white man would still hang his ass! brainwashing at it’s best


    He is a GAY loser!! I have no problem with BLACK SCHOLARS, but what use is being a Scholar when you lack COMMON SENSE?

    His statements are so ignorant and basically iterating on the white stereotypical concept of blacks. For a guy staying in his house listening to Liberacci, he sure knows about black people..

    This down Low Batty man should get a Plunger up his ass and he’ll know just who “THEM” is.. Why wasn’t this COON in Birmingham in their hayday? I HATE THESE HOUSE N*GG*RS!!!

    Where is the KKK when they are really needed??

  • ray ray

    “‘we’ were not like ‘them,’”

    It is typical of the black bourgeoisie to use a white standard of measurement to determine worth. Well Mr. McWhorter, if you are not like them then who are you like? The answer is surely the one that affirms white culture.

    Moreover, one of the things that reveal these type of conservative black scholars are myopic and subtly controlled by an ideological, white normative gaze is the fact that they always take the point of view opposite to the predominate black constituency. Whether the nooses were a prank or not the subsequent events of the case in Jena reveal problems in the justice system in America.

  • nahnah

    i wish those boys would pull a prank on his worthless ass.

    he’s fox news’ puppet. what a waste.

  • CoverGirl

    He reminds me of that bytch Sandra Rose who is a black blogger and believes they got what they deserved. No one ever visit her site again. Please

  • JHakjsd

    OOHHH, i Get it, so he was hidden from his own heritage when he was a child and now thinks he has a right to say something about something he knows nothing about. Jeese its clear now, why didnt u guys just say this in the first place!

  • http://www.myspace.com/msmeka2cute Mz_Magnificent1

    John McWhorter, is intelligent but lacks common sense and is socially deprived.

    I feel sorry for him because, his comments and shared views are obviously geniune. This man really believes that the Jena 6 nooses were a prank…I’m sorry but I blame his parents. For them to deprive their child from knowledge about his own racial background is just sad.

    There is nothing wrong with being a Black person…but there is something wrong with ignorance.

  • neneh

    We may not always agree with other People’s views but they must be allowed to express them! There is no need to perpetuate the myth that Black people are a neat homogeneus group they are not and some people hold different views about the i nterpretation of that event which may not be palatable but should be supported to express their views.

  • La. Finest

    Whatever, all it takes is for him to be put in his place then he will be running back to “them”. Sure it was a prank, and those thousands of black people killed were just pranks too.

  • LA CHICA is stupid

    You’re one spelling and grammar-challenged stupid hater. You’re criticizing the man for being stereotypical and lacking common sense, yet you assume that he’s gay partly because of his interests in classical music? Huh? You suggest that a plunger be stuck up his ass by racists because he has beliefs that you don’t like. What? Just DUMB.

    Also, the words you meant to use are spelled “Liberace” and “heyday.” No need to thank me 😉

  • catfish

    Why is he still alive? 😦

  • Jahpson

    scholar? for what? writing thesis papers?

    this is the most ignorant sh*t i have ever heard.

    and I guess the Klu Klux Klan were killing and terrorizing black folks for kicks?


  • http://www.supersoakthathoe.com I Stay SMH

    Ummm I hope you are not referring to “hanged”


  • Lady Architect

    It’s sad because there are quite a few people down there in Jena that believe the same thing and they are black…To them its like stay in your place and play they part and the white people wont bother you…and when something happens to a black man they feel like well he shouldve stayed in his place and kept his mouth shut..sad that some people still have that slave mentality…as long as nothing is happening to them they are ok.

  • Coop

    Jesus needs to take the wheel NOW@!!!

  • islandgirl

    it’s one thing not to agree with what mr. mcwhorter stated. it is entirely another to be so myopic as to insult this man to this degree. personally, i don’t believe this noose incident was an innocent prank. however, it troubles me tremendously that in this day and age so many people buy into this idea of a monolithic viewpoint of authentic blackness. read the man’s books and then decide for yourself. think more critically. it saddens me that when some blacks don’t agree with one person’s opinion they are condemned so harshly and quickly. there are some points on which i disagree with mr. mcwhorter with vehemently. that’s okay, no need for name calling. meanwhile he is actually right on the money with a lot of theories. it’s not pretty but it is fast becoming the rule rather than the exception in this country the things he speaks about. it’s interesting and surprising the things you could learn from people you’ve been taught/programmed to dismiss. after all it’s just one man’s opinion and experience. so why the fuss? it’s as real as any of ours despite what has been marketed to you courtesy of BET. lastly, where does sexual orientation(or rather speculation) come into play here? why is this the ultimate insult for a black man. are gay men not real men, worthy and deserving of love, care, and respect from the so called black community.

  • Ttime

    This is the reason why we should ALL send our monetary support to:

    Jena 6 Defense Fund

    PO Box 2798

    Jena, LA 71342

    I think I’ve made my point…I’m out. Have a great evening all!!!

  • brightseatbully

    The short answer to your question, islandgirl, is “No.” The question back to you would be, “Why is that if black folks don’t agree with or just plain hate a clear and obvious sellout/tom/whoopi/cuba/clarence thomas, that they have to be “programmed?” Surely you’re not stating that McWhorter’s position is the one of the learned and everyone else’s is that of the ignorant… or are you?

  • Ilish

    brightseabully, I don’t think that’s what islandgirl is saying. I think she’s just saying that McWhorter gets a lot of flack because he’s, for the most part, right wing, and most blacks fall in step with the left. So to deviate from the status quo prompts ridicule, like, racist ridicule at that, because typically, it’s usually only blacks that are referred to as toms and sell outs. I’m not a lawyer, but I wonder what far reaching implications this Jena case will have on the fate of noose hanging and whether or not noose hanging will go the way of most forms cross burning, in terms of being deemed illegal and what that means for first amendment rights. Cause when you think about it, the reason why the Supreme Court ruled against most forms of cross burning was because “KKK-type” cross burning was considered an act of terrorism. Now, be that as it may, could you interpret the Jena noose hanging as such? In declaring that the noose-hanging was a “prank”, McWhorter is saying that while the act itself was racist, that didn’t give those six black boys license to put that white boy (who had nothing to do with the noose hanging BTW),in the hospital, not that the act itself wasn’t racist, but now, if hanging nooses from trees in such a fashion isn’t just a “prank” but something done with the intent to terrorize, then what? . . .things to make you go, hmm

  • Melinda

    If you google this guy you will see that he writes a lot of misleading and negative things about blacks. However, the white media loves his ass because he tells them what they want to hear and affirms many of their racist & uninformed views about blacks.

    How can you write so much about black people and hip hop after admiting you have nothing to do with blacks…. typical black republican!!

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