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Popular conservative scholar John McWhorter, who has been blasted by Afrocentric scholars for his views, says the white kids who hung the nooses that led to the Jena 6 case were just involved in a prank:

The nooses, though, were a prank. Mean, but a prank. Humor and mischief are all about pushing the envelope

Here is a little something our staff found on John McWhorter:

Unlike many of his peers, McWhorter had no interest in sports as a child, preferring to stay in the house reading, playing the piano or listening to his Spanish language records. His tendency to be a loner is the thing that he believes allowed him to avoid the cultural abyss that he argues consumes so many black students.

“My parents were rather socially insular people who conveyed, without ever being explicit about it, that ‘we’ were not like ‘them,’ ” McWhorter says. “It wasn’t that I didn’t spend time with other black kids. But I was inculcated subtly with a sense that ‘You do not do what they do.’ “

McWhorter blasted Black students in his book Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America..

Maybe if they hanged his ass, that would be a prank too.


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