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Tyler Perry and the case of copyright infringement continues:

Tyler Perry went to court to face allegations that he stole material from someone else for his blockbuster film “Diary of a Mad Black Woman.” Donna West is suing the actor-screenwriter for copyright infringement in U.S. District Court and wants a jury to award her family all profits made from the film. “I can’t put my play on because the stories are basically the same and nobody wants to see that again,” she said.

West testified Tuesday that she developed a script titled “Fantasy of a Black Woman” based primarily on her own experiences. With her in the starring role, the play was performed in July 1991 at the Junior Black Academy of Arts and Letters at the Dallas Convention Center. “The play was opened to the public. Anyone could have attended,” West said. Perry’s movie, which earned some $50 million, came out in 2005. Jurors on Tuesday watched the film and listened to a reading of the script from West’s play.

In her opening remarks to the jury, Perry’s attorney, Veronica Lewis, said her client is an “immensely talented” individual “who has no need whatsoever” to use the materials of others. Lewis noted that Perry had experienced considerable success before and after the film, “so why would he need to copy Ms. West’s script?” Testimony was expected to resume Wednesday.

According to the judge, the case will be completed by next Tuesday. Perry may have to prepare to fork over some of them stacks. SMH.


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  • Joey B


  • Oshie - freak ho freak ho touch your knees to your elbows

    I’m not a fan of his anyway, sorry.

  • thatbrutha



    They’ll settle out of court for some modest sum…just enough to make her go away.This happens to everybody who blows up.

  • anonymous says

    damn every post i go on wow give it a rest damn!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Oh yeah, pay her n*gga, you know you saw then stole that play!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Love 6am

  • Candid Canuck

    @ 6am;

    Took the words right outta my mouth…… Cosign your comments to the tenth power….

  • Sepia830

    I believe he stole that ish although for the life of me I can’t imagine why anyone would want to take credit for that ish that Perry produces.

    Hopefully President Obama will outlaw coonin’ and bafoonin’ so we’ll never have to see another Tyler Perry production again.

  • Flawdagurl

    the man was homeless now he has cash everybody wants a piece. Why wasnt she suing him for the play when it came out in 2001? If he didnt do so well and never made a movie she would be nowhere to be heard of.Some people cant stand to see others doing good and what woman hasnt tyer p. based his story on?

  • diane

    I am not a fan of Tyler’s either, his movies and plays are for the non-thinking. the only thing he was smart enough to do was to market his material to uneducated black folks, that is the truth.

  • sepia830


    There’s nothing wrong with Tyler Perry Movies, I guess some of you don’t have brains enough to comprehend.


    Actually that’s the problem with Tyler Perry’s movies—you DON’T need brains to comprehend.

    Perry’s movies cater to the black lower class (ghetto, in other words) and the church-going crowd. Sorry if that offends some of you, but the truth hurts.

  • je$$i

    thats fake that movie came out a long time ago and all of a sudden she wants to sue him and tyler perry been doing plays so why would he have a reason to steal her material . i wouldnt give her a dime

  • Get Real

    Ok well I have to say I disagree with most of you but oh well.I love Madea and the messages in all his films.I am not low class or “Ghetto” and i wouldnt say I am a church going person either…

  • Joyela

    Can’t say I’m a big Tyler fan either, but I’m with Flawdagurl on this one. Why is there nothing in the article about how Diary was originally a play, first staged in 2001?? And is there any proof Tyler was ever in Dallas back in 1991? He still lived in New Orleans back then. And if he allegedly stole this woman’s play, why did he wait ten years to do it–? Too many things don’t add up here…

  • cargirldawn

    When I was a kid in Houston I used to hear on the radio (Majic 102) advertising a play named ‘Diary Of A Mad Black Woman’ all the time(they would also play small excerpts from it). So I thought I was crazy when this movie came out and I was already familiar with it. This was like in the late 80s or early 90s. I like Tyler Perry but I have to say I think this lady is telling the truth and Tyler just put a little spin on this and called it his own.

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