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FDA Approves At-Home HIV Test

It looks like a large step has been made to help prevent the spread of HIV.

After decades of controversy, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new H.I.V. test on Tuesday that for the first time makes it possible for Americans to learn in the privacy of their homes whether they are infected.

The availability of an H.I.V. test as easy to use as a home-pregnancy kit is yet another step in the normalization of a disease that was once seen as a mark of shame and a death sentence.

The OraQuick test, by OraSure Technologies, uses a mouth swab and gives results in 20 to 40 minutes. A previous test sold over the counter required a user to prick a finger and mail a drop of dried blood to a lab.

This is huge! Now, people can take their tests as often and quickly as possible so that they can get treatment and stop spreading the disease. No more “shame” (not that there should be any) in going to a clinic or anything either.

Can’t wait for this to hit the market and start making lives better.



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