Exclusive: Reggie Bush is Still Hittin’ Kim Kardashian

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Sources exclusively tell Bossip that Kim Kardashian regularly flies out to see Reggie Bush and he is still hittin’.

Here is a picture of Kim Kardashian at a Saints vs. Colts game on September 6 with Reggie’s homies.

During an interview with Bossip, Kim denied she was a ho.

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  • kennedy


  • crest

    i wonder if he will be on her reality show with her family

  • I stole his bapes

    I wish I was hittin’ that.

  • John

    this girl get past around more than a joint in a house full of dope heads.

  • me

    that hat reminds me of something latoya jackson would wear. not a good look

  • me

    and reggie’s friend looks like terrance howard

  • aja

    what makes her a “ho”? why isn’t reggie bush a “ho”? i’m sick of these ridiculous double standards. she’s cute and doing her things. who cares who and how many people she is hittin’?

  • http://www.myspace.com/msmeka2cute Mz_Magnificent1

    OMG two words…who cares?

    I am really tired of hearing about Kim…like she is the only one he is fycking, pleaaaazzzee give it a rest.

  • yes

    exclusive? what else is new?


  • La. Finest


  • feefer

    i’m tryna understand how screwin the same dude for several months now makes her a ho. so what if these two have an ongoing sexual (or any other sort of) relationship. they are doing what millions of other consenting adults do everyday, why is she a ho because of it?

    that being said, that hat DOES look like something out the LaToya Jackson collection. Kim, don’t you ever wear that stupid azz hat again.

  • lucky

    My question is why trying to hide it.Fee fer that girl has a serious rep in Hwood and I’m sure a lot of brothers than hip him to it.and wants to be the butt of the jokes

  • Jahpson

    nothing wrong with that, supporting your man.

    I should go to my man’s games, he plays soccer.

    Come on people, she moving up! especially after Ray J. yuck! I mean what the hell was that about?

  • Jahpson

    Mz. Magnificent

    OMG two words…who cares?

    I am really tired of hearing about Kim…like she is the only one he is fycking, pleaaaazzzee give it a rest.


    thats a good point, watch out Kim. them atheles ALWAYS got groupies. make sure yall wearing condoms, dont want to be another baby motha

  • robbyrob

    man i wish i was a girl.. all they have to do is open up and they get the world!


  • luisa_sanchez

    LUCKY GIRL.. regie is FINE!

  • http://www.supersoakthathoe.com I Stay SMH

    Ummmm your point is…….

  • http://www.supersoakthathoe.com I Stay SMH

    …and just because I feel like it…

    Morning crew!!!!

    Stand up…LOL

    Change your name, or hang it up!

  • Mary J Blige

    Damn Reggie got some fine ass friends. I would search for some pictures of them but Kendu got my ass on parental lock, damit. Can someone email them to me (mary@blige.com). Thanks

    Mary xx

  • http://www.supersoakthathoe.com I Stay SMH

    Further furthermore

    If you didn’t know these stories are mostly speculations or humorously exaggerated stretches of the truth then:

    Please give me your bank account information. I assure you that my great grandmother was an Egyptian princess forced into exile. Though she has now passed, her fortune of $3,000,000 US dollars is in an offshore bank account.

    Yadda yadda yadda

    Green ass

  • Bryant's Gyrl

    That pictures looks fake to me……

  • Leah

    So what, lots of black men who have “made it” like to date Arab hoes… white hoes… spanish hoes… asian hoes!

  • AJ

    and didnt the saints get SLAUGHTERED in that game? lmfao! reggie didnt score any touchdowns and havent they lost all their games so far? see..dats wat u get for messin around reggie..we knew he would lose it. lol

  • DC Tap Water

    Sh*t!!! Im not even flying out, much less as meeting a baller when I fly out…Lucky lil sl*t!!

  • Raliyah

    I don’t see why this is not a surpise anyway. Furthermore, most of the women Reggie be with are not BLACK WOMEN anyway.

    P.S. Reggie don’t F^CK with Black Women!

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