Random Ridiculousness: James Brown’s Spat-Out Child Speaks

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

LaRhonda Petitt, who claims to be James Brown’s eldest of his legitimate and illegitimate children, will go to court today in an attempt to take what is rightfully hers:

“I’ve been walking around looking like this man for 45 years. I’m not talking no negative talk, I’m talking about what’s right. Just because they’re in the will doesn’t mean they’re all my daddy’s children. He had kids everywhere. And each one of those kids can do something positive.”

She sure is serious with that “My Daddy” talk, but she looks just like that nicca for real. They don’t don’t need the Maury DNA verdict on this case. She is asking for her part of his estate, back child support, and requesting that his body get moved to a place where his family members can view him better.


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  • loveyoulongtyme

    She’s right.

  • babygirl

    Get what’s due to ya!

  • sunshinegirl

    This girl looks just like him, geez! I’m pretty sure there are others walking around just as she said. I’m wondering what the little boy is going to get that he had from Tommy Raye, or whatever her name is?!?!?!

  • moxpoe1

    now, she sounds more sensible than the kids JB rightfully claimed.

    They should just bury the man in a normal grave and forget about some Elvis type estate.

  • txshawty

    Dang…her mama could REALLY go on Maury like, look at her eyes and look at his eyes, look at that awkward smile, and look at his awkward smile..that is HIS baby! lol

  • Will J. Powers

    She had me on her team until the “move the body” mess. Let that man rest. DAYUM KIDS.

  • sanka

    she looks exactly like him, i’m just wondering why she is just now speaking up on this after 45 years. didn’t she know that was her daddy? i would not have waited 45 years to get my money from him.

  • Buttercup

    lol @ them having matching smiles/grimaces

  • http://thebeatniks.blogspot.com Seattle Slim


    You ain’t never lied…..

    Wow these folks sure is money hungry.

  • jd

    Have Mercy! She looks just like her daddy, hair and all…bless her heart.

  • Mississippi Girl

    She does look like him! And she is right, if shes his child, she should be included in the will too! she should get what’s hers. She is her daughter! Just because men dont claim all of their children, dont mean that they dont have to support them! give that lady whats hers!

  • http://www.mikevickswife.com ATLlady


    You Shoul Iz Ugly!

  • HF

    I just feel sorry for the dude that went on a blind date with her.

    Mutual friend: I’m gonna hook u up with my friend.

    Dude: Yeah? I’m down……what she look like?

    Mutual friend: Well…..I ain’t gonna lie…… she look like James Brown…..


  • ThatTouchOfPink

    They betta give this woman some money!

    How can it be denied!!

    I feel like projecting this side by side pic onto a big screen and pointing out the similarities in features like the Baby-mama’s do on Maury Povich!

  • Youngblood

    I can’t understand why she would wait all this time to go after the estate. James was wrong for not recognizing her for all those years.

  • T

    She is entitled to get some of that money, cos there is no denying she’s his daughter, just look at her face!!!

  • Roni

    Po’ thang! They ought to give her SOMETHING just for looking like him!

  • Dark Cable



    You Shoul Iz Ugly!


  • John

    Why did you have to post THAT picture of James Brown? I mean, whats the point in that?

  • http://www.myspace.com/shenae84 kia

    wow. thats his kid and no one can deny it. look at those big bell pepper shapped noses. lol. man i cant stop laughing at this one. tomi ray hynie got a run for her money coming!

  • brwnbarbie

    Okay, you can’t get back child support if it was never awarded! If she is just now coming forward as his child, there was clearly no child support judgement ever in place. And anyway, she is 45 years old!!!!!! Back child support? PUHLEEZE!!!!! I’m not sure about the splitting of the estate, as far as legally, but if they award money to all of these “children” springing up out of the blue, the children who he knew will get nothing.

  • omg

    i support her, but she should of done this along time ago when she go on her feet and was mentally able to confront her father, now sence he is gone she wants to come out, there has to be more to the story of why “NOW”.


  • ~

    Dead or not he should be ashamed of his damn self. What a legacy!

  • Jamal

    I am mad they have not buried the godfather yet..It has been almost a year..WTF??? Do they have him in a glass case on ice somewhere?

  • Shootingstar

    Ewww. She looks just like her father.

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