You Ain’t Bad! When The So-Called “Hard” Get “Allegedly” Punked Out

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People That Got Allegedly Punked Out

Guys like being tough. They like putting on like nobody can rough them up. But when the rumors and cameras start rolling…the punk cards get pulled. Of course they’ll deny it and they may not even be true, but the words spread and things get ugly really quickly.

Take a look.

Nas – There was a long standing rumor that Nas got knocked out by Tupac back in the 90s. However, this all proved to be a big rumor. They squashed the beef.

Funkmaster Flex – People *cough Charlamagne cough* have been saying he had a gun put in his mouth for dissing Tupac a couple of years ago. Not a good look, Flex.

Lil Wayne – There have always been rumors of Weezy getting punked out as a kid, but a few Crips Youtubing a video of themselves circling his car was a semi-punk move.

Vanilla Ice – Suge Knight allegedly made him drink his own pee!

40 Glocc – Game just punked him on camera. Was it responsible? Nope.

Rick Ross – Actually, his punk card got pulled by his parole hearing. People are always saying that he gets punked at clubs and whatnot, but no one’s really proven it.

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    Ray J – He tried to act gangsta for the longest, but only came off like a beyotch when trying to scuffle with Fabolous.

    Suge Knight – No “alleged” here. He got knocked the F*** OUT!!!!

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