Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Illinois Woman Leaves Her Mentally Disabled Teen Daughter At A Tennessee Bar And Won’t Take Her Back!

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This mom was so desperate to get rid of her kid she drove all the way from Illinois to Tennessee…

An Illinois mom who drove to Tennessee and dropped her mentally disabled teen daughter off at a bar says she refuses to take the girl back.

“She let her out to use the bathroom and drove away,” Assistant Police Chief Stephanie Smith in Caryville, Tenn. told the Knoxville News Sentinel. “She said she just couldn’t handle her anymore.”

Eva Cameron, from Algonquin, Ill., left her 19-year-old daughter Lynn at the Big Orange Bar in Caryvile on June 28.

On Tuesday, police said that Cameron won’t be charged with a crime because her daughter is above the age of 18 and not assigned to a legal guardian.

“As terrible as it is, unfortunately there is nothing we can do,” Smith told CNN. “There is no doubt we need a law for mental health rights, but pending this investigation, we just don’t know what else to do.”

After Cameron dropped Lynn off, she reportedly drove back home to Illinois. She told the Northwest Herald she chose to leave her daughter in Tennessee because it has the “No. 1 health care system in the United States of America.”

Lynn, who has cerebral palsy and is severely disabled, didn’t appear to be physically harmed.

“When we found her, she had been at the bar for around 20 minutes and was fine physically,” Smith told the Northwest Herald.

But Lynn, who has a vocabulary of only 30 to 40 words, wasn’t able to tell police her name, address or phone number, and had no identification on her.

An anonymous tip led police to Cameron, who returned to Tennessee on Tuesday and signed a statement saying she could no longer care for her daughter, and wanted Lynn to become a ward of the state.

“She basically said, ‘I don’t want her and I don’t want to take her,’” Smith told CNN.

Cameron told the Northwest Herald she has another disabled child and was struggling to take care of both.

Authorities say Lynn is “doing fantastic,” and will be housed at a facility for adults and children with disabilities.

Should this mother be ashamed? Or was she simply trying to get the best care for her kid? And if that’s the case, why not move the whole family to Tennessee to benefit from their healthcare system rather than just abandon a helpless teenager at a bar of all places?!


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