ChitChatter: Pilar Sanders Speaks Her Piece About Deion Sanders Physical/Mental Abuse, How It Affects Their Children, And How Black Women Are Portrayed On Reality TV

- By Bossip Staff

What would you do if you saw your children acting in a similar way you and your ex acted?

I have seen that! My boys were beginning to treat my daughter and every female around them how they saw my husband treat me and it broke my heart! I had to immediately confront this behavior and consistently bring truth to what they were doing and as to what they witnessed. Removing them from the situation was seemingly impossible because the help I sought were (as I later found out) a part of the problem as well. I am still in the process of removing my children from having to witness such disrespect and male chauvinism but unfortunately the courts take their time and don’t always choose to look at the truth that is presented before them. I continually speak with my children and they are coming along. I know they love their sister, their mommy and women, it’s important for me to keep them level headed.

You say that you were abused by Deion, if he wasn’t a successful athlete, would you have allowed him to get away with what he did get away with?

First and foremost, his status in the media never dictated to me on how he has or should have treated me. I loved Deion for who he was, not for WHAT he was. And when you’re in a situation you can’t see the forest for the trees – as they say. I didn’t realize it was abuse until going through this divorce. In the very beginning another woman who had a very similar experience opened my eyes and labeled it. I knew Deion was a very difficult and rude person at times, but I saw him treat everybody close to him like that. So I simply thought it was his personality. Sometimes he was very mean sometimes he was kind. His moods would drastically change if the wind blew a certain way. There was never any rhyme or reason with his mood swings, so after years of seeing and experiencing this type of behavior I just accepted it as him being him. So, I began to ignore it. When it became physical I had no choice but to defend myself and my children. I loved him and believed him EVERY single time he said he was sorry and wouldn’t do it again. I loved Deion and loved our family. Yes common sense tells you it’s abuse, but common sense isn’t always turned on, especially when you’ve been it in so long. I was in it for 13 and a half years, married and a few years before that.

Pilar goes on to speak about reality TV and the negative stereotypes they portray of African-American women

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