ChitChatter: Pilar Sanders Speaks Her Piece About Deion Sanders Physical/Mental Abuse, How It Affects Their Children, And How Black Women Are Portrayed On Reality TV

- By Bossip Staff

Your 2008 reality show Prime Time Love was one of the first reality shows that focused on a black couple, what do you think about how women are portrayed in reality shows today?

It’s sad how women are portrayed on reality shows, but they get decent ratings and that’s all the networks care about. Even on my show, the realness of who I am wasn’t shown. That was edited as well. I am not a weak woman with no ideas or business sense which was how I saw the finished product of the show. It was horrible! It was me who initiated many business deals for Deion. The way I ran a business was all cut out of the show. Which is I’m sure what happens on many of these other shows for most of these ladies. They cut out who they really are and what they really do to get a reaction, negative or positive, so as long as ratings stay up.

Do you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? If so, how do you feel about a woman like Mimi that stays with a man like Stevie J?

No I don’t watch them and haven’t seen them. But no one can judge a woman based on a TV show. I’m sure the cameras and the producers aren’t getting everything that’s going on or showing us who these people really are. I’m sure it’s more to the story than what we see.


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