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R.Kelly’s Ex-Wife Andrea Says “The Notebook” Movie Did Not Affect Marriage

According to RadarOnline:

Romantic films like The Notebook usually add spark to a relationship — or at least give hope to heart-broken single girls — but rapper R. Kelly claims that the Ryan Gosling sizzler marked the end of his marriage.

While many fans of the Bump N’ Grind singer may be shocked that he even watched such a soppy tear-jerker let alone allowed it to end his relationship, his ex-wife Andrea adamantly told that the split had nothing to with the heart touching drama.

“The Notebook came out in 2004 and our divorce wasn’t final until 2009,” the star of VH1’s new reality show Hollywood Exes told Radar.

“Did the movie really have anything to do with the divorce or was that a wakeup call for him to act like a man and realize these are the things he needed to do to step up in this marriage before it is too late?” She asked.

If you missed R.Kelly’s claim that Ryan Gosling’s flick put a nail in his marriage’s coffin catch it here

However, as Andrea revealed to Radar, the real story of why their marriage didn’t have a Hollywood ending, and is far more complex.

“Everyone knows that in a break up story there are three sides – my side, his side and the truth, and the truth needs no defense. A divorce is a decision by two grown ups to end a marriage, which is actually a death,” she said, agreeing that it is something to mourn over.

“A family has come to an end. My children and I are no longer in the same household as their father, that’s devastating for anyone.”

The Kelly’s marriage survived accusations of underage sex, allegations of child porn and a well-publicized court case during which R. Kelly was found not guilty, before they divorced in 2009.

We hear what she’s saying, but like she said, this is just HER side. Maybe Kells really felt like the movie was a wake-up call and that was the start of the ending.

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