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Would you like some pedophilia with that? SMMFH

Wendy’s Employee Arrested For Selling Child Sex Tapes From Drive-Thru

Perverts got a side of kiddie tapes with their fries at the drive-up window of a certain Wendy’s in Texas by uttering the secret password: “Scooby Doo.”

Then Juan Antonio Rosa slipped an SD memory card containing two to five sick videos into their food bags — and collected $50 from his creepy customers, prosecutors said.

“It kind of gives new meaning to, ‘Would you like fries with that?’” prosecutor Tracy Thompson told a federal judge in San Antonio before Rosa was sentenced.

Rosa, who was recently convicted of distributing child p***ography, had his two young daughters with him in court when he tearfully apologized.

He had reason to cry — he’ll be spending the next 21 years in federal prison.

Rosa’s sick side-order business worked this way: He would take orders from deviants he met on social network sites, direct them to the fast food franchise he worked at — and give them the password.

In addition to Scooby Doo, which is the name of a beloved cartoon dog, Rosa also used as a password “(Expletive) on a stick.”

Eventually the feds got wind of what Rosa was doing, and when immigration agents raided his apartment in Converse, Texas last July, they found kiddie tapes on his computer.

Rosa, 36, confessed to selling the tapes at Wendy’s, where he had been working since the summer of 2010. He got the job after serving a state prison sentence for, you guessed it, peddling child p****graphy, Thompson said.

WTF is WRONG with people nowadays?!?!

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