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Condoleeza Rice Not Interested In Being Mitt Romney’s Running Mate

Condoleezy says she’s not trying to be down with Money Mitt and his pro-life politics.

Sarah Palin on Thursday night said she thinks Condoleezza Rice – the new it-girl in Mitt Romney’s veepstakes rumor mill – would make a “wonderful vice president,” but said she’d be more comfortable with a nominee “who had that respect for all innocent, precious, purposeful human life, and showed that respect being a pro-life candidate.”

Rice has previously classified her position on abortion as being “moderately pro-choice,” something Palin suggested during her Fox News appearance might be a liability for a GOP ticket already boasting historically moderate Romney. But the 2008 vice presidential nominee largely gave her blessing to the possibility of a Rice pick anyway, reasoning, “it’s not the vice president that would legislate abortion, and that would be Congress’ role. And we’ll keep that in mind.”

Asked by CBS News’ Charlie Rose in late June how she would respond should Romney offer her the job, Rice said unequivocally, “Not gonna happen – and no.” Still, after the Drudge Report placed her atop Romney’s short list Thursday night, citing her strong showing at the former Massachusetts governor’s Utah retreat several weeks ago, her “no” hasn’t stopped talking heads from weighing in on what the former secretary of state could bring to Romney’s campaign.

Well, when Sara “Pitbull In Lipstick” Palin backs something, we’re usually convinced that it’s a bad idea.  Maybe Condoleezy is righ to sit this one out after all.


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