In Drunk Azz Athletes News: Jason Kidd Gets DUI After Crashing SUV Into Tree While Slizzard In The Hamptons

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Jason Kidd Gets DUI After Crashing Car Into Tree

Get a muhfuggin driver, son!!

After partying with celebrities in the Hamptons, allegedly getting “lit up [like] July 4” at a rowdy bar and then drunkenly battling with his wife over a female fan, new Knick Jason Kidd slammed his luxury SUV into a telephone pole yesterday and was busted on DWI charges. And the drama didn’t stop there. Although he suffered only minor injuries in the Water Mill crash, Kidd had to be rushed back to the hospital — because he later popped “a sleeping aid” and had “a bad reaction,’’ a source told The Post. A law-enforcement source described the alleged boozed-up baller — who has a history of domestic-abuse and anger-management issues — as having cheated death by “just a few feet” when his 2010 white Cadillac Escalade, racing “at least 60 miles an hour,’’ slammed into the pole, bounced off it and landed in shrubbery.

Police couldn’t find any evidence that the basketball great, who just inked a three-year, $9.5 million deal with the Knicks to be backup and mentor for Jeremy Lin — whom they’re about to lose anyway — had hit the brakes on the 30-mph stretch. He had just left a raucous East Hampton club, where he allegedly wildly swilled from bottles and danced on banquettes before getting into a blow-up with his wife when a sexy female fan asked him to pose for a photo. Cops at the crash scene said they saw a blitzed Kidd lumbering out of the Escalade after the 1:56 a.m. crash and acting strangely “nonchalant.’’

When a police officer asked him his name, he said, “Jason.” When she asked his last name, he replied, “Jason Kidd.” The source described Kidd as “unsteady on his feet, clearly intoxicated but oddly relaxed.” Kidd, 39, was taken to Southampton Hospital after the smashup and released. He refused to take a breath test at the scene, officials said. He was then hauled to the Southampton jail — where he was so drunk, he was singing as he was processed and fingerprinted, the source said.
He was charged with DWI, a misdemeanor, and released without bail. But soon after he returned to his new $5.7 million home nearby, Kidd was rushed back to the hospital.

After “a pretty traumatic morning, he was having problems sleeping and took a sleeping aid,’’ one Kidd source said. “He had a bad reaction, and the family was concerned and called for an EMT to check him out.”

Kidd was in the car alone when it crashed into the pole — and knocked out power to some cable-TV customers of his new boss, Cablevision’s James Dolan, who owns the Knicks. Pals were arguing with him not to drive, a source said, but he didn’t listen. Kidd’s lawyer, Eddie Burke Jr., confirmed his client had smashed his SUV. but wouldn’t comment on whether he was boozing before. Knick officials declined to comment on whether the incident would affect his contract.

Really, Jason Kidd??? Driving drunk when you can clearly afford a driver, arguing with your wife over some thirsty groupies hoes, then on top of that you popping “sleeping pills”????

These fools never learn. SMH.


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