Freaky Little Nation: Peep This Study That Reveals Exactly How Our Country Has Sex!

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Survey Reveals America’s Sex Habits

The good folks over at Trojan (Sex responsibly!) are always looking for as much information about our sexual habits as possible. They’re kind of freaky that way. Their newest study showed the freakiest states, who has the best sex, who’s happiest with their sex lives and all that good stuff.

We know you’re interested. Take a look and find out alllll your little freaky secrets.

The City With The Highest Sex Drive – Atlanta has the highest sex drive (7.1 out of 10) and they’re the most adventurous in the sack.

The City That Has The Most Sex – Miami. Residents have sex 177 times a year and 73 percent are satisfied with their sex lives. *books plane ticket*

America Has More Sex Than Last Year – Americans have sex 2.9 times a week compared to 2.3 times last year. So there’s a lot of people out there having sex .6 times.

The South Isn’t Rising – 44 percent of people in the south are faking that big O. SMH

Experimenting – Top ranking ways in which Americans charge things up include spontaneous sex (48 percent), using lubricant (40 percent), having sex someplace different (36 percent) and dirty talk (32 percent).

Ayo Technology – Twenty-three percent have engaged in “sexting,” 16 percent have sent a naughty photo or video and 22 percent have participated in phone sex.

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    West Coast Is The Best Coast? – Bay Area residents prefer quality versus quantity, having the least amount of sex (120 times a year) and shortest sessions (31 minutes), yet have high rates of satisfaction (65 percent) and are least likely to fake an orgasm (31 percent).

    Men Want It More – Sex is on the mind with men thinking about the deed 15 times a day, versus women, who fantasize about the bedroom a mere four times per day.

    Parents Get It In – Parents work hard to keep things charged and are more likely to have spontaneous sex (54 percent), sex in different places (45 percent)


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