Pay Yo Bills: Celebrities That Got In Hot Water For Not Paying Their Taxes

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Celebrities Busted For Tax Evasion

Paying taxes is a bummer. It’s the worst anxiety we can feel on an annual basis. However, for us, if we don’t pay our few hundred or thousand dollars, it becomes a mild pain the rear. But when celebrities miss their taxes, they end up with handcuffs and jail time.


Let’s take a look at some celebrities that fell victim to tax evasion, shall we?

Wesley Snipes – He went to the clink after evading $17 million by claiming he wasn’t a US citizen even though he was born in Florida.

Lauryn Hill – L Boogie just refused to pay taxes for years thanks to something about her being crazy. Now she faces jail time.

Beanie Sigel – He’s heading to jail soon, too for failure to pay off his taxes from his Roc days.

J. Lo and Marc Anthony – They had a little mishap and ended up owing $2.5 million. Good thing they got that worked out. Poor Casper would be sad.

Martha Stewart – She never filed her house on her taxes because she just didn’t think it was important enough. WTF. Must be nice.

John Cena – He just had to pay off a few million in taxes, but it was apparently his wife’s fault so he divorced her. Problem solved.

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    Dame Dash – Things just haven’t been the same for Dame Diddy since he and Jigga parted ways. Recently he had some tax troubles and acted like the IRS wanted to snuff him.

    Method Man – He got arrested for being $33,000 behind in taxes.

    Richard Pryor – He was arrested and spent 10 days in jail for “forgetting” to pay taxes. D’oh!

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