SMH: R Kelly Has More Support Than The Jena 6

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Most of the artists who recently spoke to MTV dismiss R Kelly’s pedo allegations and are ridin’ with R Kelly, including Pras:’

“Once he gets past this, he’s going to be inspired to do even more,” the Fugees’ Pras said. “Is he going to learn from it? He’s got to learn from his mistakes, basically. But I think he’s going to beat the case, and I hope he does, because we need R. Kelly.”

There you have it folks, make good music and people will forget about your mistakes, even peeing on young girls.

Bossip visitor King of 718 comments:

I have a feeling R Kelly heard Jena 6 and ran for the chance to meet her.

Click here to read about all the R Kelly support.

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  • Naw Son

    I have a feeling R Kelly heard Jena 6 and ran for the chance to meet her. LOL

    i-ight kiddies new podcast up. click the name

  • bee

    Is he kidding me. Why do we need him. He is a pedofile and it is not going away. Unfortunately what will happen and probable is already happening is he is going to go deep undercover with it. And, unfortunately in this world there are people willing to do anything for money. So there will probably be a lot of little girls disappearing right before he gets to town, because, he will send out scouts.

    As a survivor of this sickness put out on little children, those young ladies don’t ever get over it. You just learn how to survive and live through it. And try as best you can to have a some what decent relationship.


    I question some of these entertainers that openly support a pedifile.

    Look at the situation, pause and really take a look at the harsh reality.

    You really support this clown?

  • NextTopModel





    naw son

  • Reformed GammaRay

    Pras, a big roaring HO SIT DOWN for you son..

    he could use this same empathy and direct it to lauren instead of kickin her while she down, the game needs lauren more than they need the damn purple pid piper.

  • NextTopModel

    *singing like kelz*

    make it rain on them hooooooooeeeeeesssss

  • hautecocoa

    It’s a shame that Black ppl still support him. Everyone knows they saw that men peeing on that girl in the video.

  • Naw Son

    *kisses* @ NewTopModel.

  • elle

    Well good Pras can give RKelly his 14 year old daughter to have sex w/ then piss on in front of the cameras just like that 14 year old’s family did.

    One of the problems in Our Community.

    Lack of responsibility.

    @NaW SoN that was horrible but funny…lol

  • I Stay SMH

    Kells lookin like the one eye one horned flying purple people eater

    FAW, what you doin in here? we in the cute!

  • I Stay SMH


    can’t get right

  • klm

    R. Kelly is a straight up pissing pedofile, OK! I do not buy any of his music! I think he needs some jail time really. How is it that entertainers can ignore the nasty things he does!? He needs Jesus!!

  • chaser

    Something is very WRONG with R. Kelly!!!

  • moxpoe1

    i really wish the music industry would withhold stupid comments that make it appear that r kelly just made an error in judgement.

    No, the man is sick…….and he got sick all over a minor, who was so underdeveloped mentally (being a child), that she did not have the mental or emotional strenght to get out of that situation.

    She appears to be so damaged by it that she doesn’t even want to acknowledge that it happened or take her chance to fight him for doing that to her.

  • ewok

    I (and my peeps know this) DO NOT SUPPORT THAT FOOL IN ANY WAY! Does Aaliyah ring a bell to anyone? Remember the “pop that cherry marriage?” You know he did her the same way. Maybe that will bring it home for you dense individuals who would rather buy his record than hold him responsible. No one really seems to take this seriously. If that were my child, I would want his head on a platter….not his money….that fast tailed little girl’s parents have to answer for that one (taking his hush money). He has a history…plain and simple. Texas would have gotten that ass a looooong time ago.

  • Duche Bag Boy

    Why is R.kelly looking like a gay vollball player in that pic?

  • Duche Bag Boy

    Why is R.kelly looking like a gay vollyball player in that pic?

  • me

    Pras looks super gay in that pic and r kelly looks like a perverted hamburglar. both are extrememly poor shots but very very funny

  • Pervster


    “masterpieces” out there.


  • Ms. Sugar walls

    Whatever, R. do you thang! And it isn’t like he isn’t saying the truth!

  • squomp

    um…… uh…. is it me or does pras look a lil….. um, i dunno…. GEIGH!!!

  • detroit

    @squomp — luv that avy, baby!

    I’ve liked maybe 2, 3 R. Kelly joints over the past 15 years. He writes trite, silly ass lyrics like the illiterate that he is.

  • ChicaWest

    I’m appalled at the fact the he is getting any type of support from these celebs… but then again they don’t live in the real world where a know pedophile can live right next door to you… or stalk your kids school for young prey or video tape and take pictures of young children from a distance.

    They have no idea what it feels like to be a parent constantly worrying if YOUR child could be next… PFFT…

    F R.Kelly and his supporters… I should walk up in a record store and piss on his records!


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