Secrets? A Gallery Of Men People Thought Would Come Out Before Frank Ocean

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Men People Thought Would Come Out Before Frank Ocean

Although he was one of our Blind Items, you were all pretty surprised to hear about Frank Ocean’s announcement last week as we sure you were. There were never any big rumors about him being “suspect” or anything. We totally applaud him for his bravery.

But here’s the thing: there are a bunch more celebrities that always had rumors surrounding them that we would be much less surprised if they came out first. Let’s take a look.

John Legend – People have been waving the flag about him for a while. But he’s booed up with a hot model.

Ne-Yo – He’s tired of the rumors…but they’re there!

Diddy – ^1,000 words.

Chris Bosh – That champagne shower he gave himself after winning the title had everyone counting down for his announcement.

Lil Wayne – He’s been getting the side-eye since he kissed baby. People have been suspecting things. It’d be less surprising than Frank Ocean was.

Tyler Perry – He dresses up as a woman for a living. That enough has made people assume he’ll be coming out.

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    Eddie Murphy – They’ve all been looking at him and Johnny Gill for years. Years!

    Sisqo – The thong song aside, his rumors have persisted since the 90s. Maybe coming out would get his career on the right path.

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