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[] Get Your Fortune Read Through the Power of Vogue Italia’s Tarot!

Is there anything more exilerating than internet browsing, which eventually leads to internet inception, until there’s that kick?! Next thing, you’ve found yourself upon some cool new find. Our cool new find? [Read]

[] Word on the Street: Would You Fight Back or Sue After an Assault?

In light of Jennifer Willaims’ lawsuit against Nia Crooks for assault on Basketball Wives, Bossip’s Jay asked L.A. pedestrians whether they would fight back or sue in the case of their own assault. Most said that they would fight if they knew their assailant had no money. (Watch)

[] For Your Entertainment: Rick Ross Playing Basketball

For those who don’t need much to be entertained, watching portly people engage in strenuous physical activity will usually do it for you. Just for you, Rick Ross and his seemingly endless stream of social media activity bring you a friendly game of pick up ball. [Watch]

[] 9 Pros And Cons Of Canceling Vs Cutting Up Your Credit Cards

A credit card can be both the angel and the devil on your shoulder; simultaneously a force of good and evil! Further, what’s the difference between canceling a card and just cutting it up? Depending on who you talk to, people will try to convince of all of the above. (Read)


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