Epitome Of A Bad Husband: Idaho Man Solicited Perverts To Break Into His Home And Rape His Wife Through Craigslist

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A woman suffered repeated attempted sexual assaults after her husband posted a Craigslist ad pretending to be her and asking to be raped. At least two men powered their way into the woman’s Twin Cities, Idaho home on separate occasions with the intention of forcing her to have sex with them. The first incident happened on Thursday just after midnight.

A man she did not know arrived at her home and told her: ‘I’m here for you’ and pushed his way inside, local news outlet Magic Valley reported. He chased her through the house as she ran, terrified, to where she kept a 9mm handgun which he grabbed from her, firing shots that ricocheted around the room.

They struggled and the woman’s hand was slashed as she fought him off. At that point the man fled and the woman called the police.

The intruder was described as being about 5’10” with a medium build and short black hair; both arms covered in tattoos.

Two days later, at around 3.45pm on Saturday, a second man broke in and police arrived to find the woman holding him at gunpoint in the living room.

He was arrested over the break-in and told police in an interview that he was responding to a ‘casual encounters’ ad on Craigslist, supposedly posted by the victim. ‘The person posting the ad told him she wanted to be forcibly raped as that was a fantasy of hers,’ the police report states.

‘He was told to force his way inside and rape the woman there and not stop no matter how much she resisted.’

They traced the emails he had been sent to a computer at the Army National Guard in Mountain Home, where the 32-year-old husband works.

He was returning home at the time of the attempted assaults and has since been arrested, admitting his involvement to police. The husband’s bond was set at $100,000 and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for July 27.

He is being held at the Twin Cities County Jail, charged with solicitation of rape and solicitation of burglary.

What the hell???? What kind of sick person does a thing like that, especially to a spouse? And what kind of pervert would respond to such a disgusting ad? Have people lost all sense of decency!?


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