Michael Vick On Piers Morgan Promo-Ho’ing His Book “Finally Free”…Speaks On Dogfighting, Going To Jail, And How He Let The Money Change Him

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Michael Vick Promotes New Book On CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight

Are you going to cop the book??

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick appeared on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” show on Tuesday to talk about his new book. Vick reflected on his upbringing, how it influenced his interest in dogfighting, and the effect that going to prison has had on his life.

Morgan first asked Vick what it means to him to have written the book. “It’s something I wanted to do a long time ago, pick up a pen and write a book,” Vick said, adding that having the opportunity to write made him reflect on his own personality. Morgan asked Vick what he thought the lowest moment of the dogfighting scandal was. “I think the lowest moment was when I had to tell my son that I was going to prison and would be going for two years,” Vick said. “He just broke down and cried – it was shocking because I didn’t think he was able to understand the prison concept.”

Vick noted the “pictures of me walking into a courthouse and them saying derogatory things” and the effect that haid on his son. “What can you tell a kid who is four years old, four and a half years old, and doesn’t understand what dogfighting is, why his father is going to jail?” Vick said. He said that was the “toughest moment of my life, toughest than any football game I’ve lost, any sack I’ve taken.”

Vick said that the dangerous environment in which he was raised in Newport News, Va., contributed to his perception that dogfighting was not a problem. Vick said that before he became interested in dogfighting, he had a positive “passion for animals” and cared for a dog with his own money, despite his mother not letting him keep the dog in the house. “The day I saw that [first] dogfight, something chagned,” Vick said. “I didn’t know dogs could react the way they did.” He added that among his friends and acquaintances growing up, “no one said [dogfighting] wasn’t the right thing to do.”

Morgan asked Vick whether he was changed by going from the environment in which he grew up to an environment in which he was a superstar NFL quarterback. “Yeah it did,” Vick said. “Growing up with outstanding morals and values from my mom and dad, I became someone who i didn’t really know… At some point arrogance overtook me, and I can honestly say I let money change me. Any time that happens that’s a recipe for disaster and it led me down a dark road.” Vick said that looking back now at the person he was eight years ago, he understands “the magnitude of how my life changed so much.”

“I had all the right people around me to give me the right advice – it was just Mike’s world, I wanted to do it my way and my way only,” Vick said. “Like I said, it’s just a situation where you kind of lose sight of what’s right and head down a dead-end road.” Morgan brought up the fact that Vick lied at one point to National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell about being involved in dogfighting, then asked Vick who else he lied to.

“I lied to my mom,” Vick replied. “She really didn’t know what was going on. She I think had heard just from people word of mouth that I was engaging in illegal activity but she couldn’t put a finger on it and nobody else knew. “I told her the truth the day I got arraigned. I think my mom cried for four or five days straight, and everybody else around me who loved me and cared about me, because they just didn’t think it would go that far – they didn’t think I would end up going to prison. It was a dramatic change for everybody’s life.”

Finally, Morgan asked Vick if he wanted to be liked again in the way that he was before his prison sentence. “I think it’s more important to be understood,” Vick said, noting that he had even received kind words from fans of the rival New York Giants after his release from prison. “Some people are going to like, you, some people aren’t, just for certain reasons that are unexplainable and I won’t try to understand. But I think it’s important that I’m understood.”

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