Knifed-Up: Who Got a Better Rack Job?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Nicole Murphy and Rihanna have been rockin’ a little somethin’ extra lately.

We must ask, Whose Money Was Better Spent?

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  • Media Gurl

    Rhinna’s rack looks more natural…


    who cares about natural… I’ve got big hands.

  • Brook

    Nicole’s…I can see her getting a lift but Rihanna? no.

  • Roni

    Nicole Murphy’s may be very new; that’s why they are so high.

    Rhianna rocks her boobs better.

  • klm

    Trannys on the loose again!!!!!

  • lucky

    RI RI hers look more natural.

  • enicole

    Um they could be mother and daughter! Ha ha but Rihannas look better Nicole’s look hard!

  • moxpoe1

    neither, Rihanna should have waited, execericed and or dieted. She gonna get heavier once she gets older n.e way.

  • Duche Bag Boy

    nicole used to snort a half gram of coke everday!

  • NextTopModel

    JON B = STAN

  • John

    I like them both no argument. Either one, any day of the week I will be very pleased!!!

  • Salma

    I guess we see where the child support and alimony checks are going. Rihannas look better IMO

  • detroit

    nicole murphy = tranny

  • nancy

    DON’T MAKE FUN OF NICOLE! Poor thing had an iron clad prenup and she’s getting up there in the years. She’s gotta hook that next fish anyway she can… she’s just after a really big fish.

  • Emily

    She’s only nineteen, her breasts probably got bigger due to growth, if they did indeed get bigger. Plus, that dress is pushin’ her boobs way up to her chin! So I don’t think she had a rack job. Its just the cut and design of the dress. They don’t look any bigger to me than last year or the year before.

  • michelle

    Check out rihanna and ne-yo’s video for hate that i love u at

  • Zara

    I love Rihanna. She is a class act!

    Regarding Nicole…I feel sorry for her. She has got to be a mess.

  • bored

    they both have crazy ass lookin faces. Nicole always looks surprised. both of them got bad boob jobs.

  • Vanessa

    I dont even like rihanna but i must admit her skin game is on point…

  • Bird

    Neither one of them look great to me, but if I had to choose I’d got with Rih Rih. They are normal sized and I am still not sure she did anything to them.

    I see why Eddie picked Nicole. She looks like a transvestite. Is she on steroids or something?

  • daria


  • Corree

    Nicle looks AWFUL. She looks like she JUST had botox injections and can’t move her face.

  • hey girl

    ugh that nicole murphy looks like a transexual not cute at all

  • okay

    @ creast: what you just said sounds stupid. Nicole really looks white, has all white features.. I just dont think that looks good on here.. maybe when she was younger…

    and i think Rihanna looks hot and so cute… Nicole is okay… she does look a little to old for her age… actually she looks 48(after a face lift)

    don’t try to look down upon black features and think praise some mixed person for basically looking white…

    its NOT cute how you think… its stupid

  • lita capalino


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