Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: Multiple Baggies Of White Powder And Over 60 Large Pill Bottles Found In Sage Stallone’s Bedroom

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Did Sage Stallone get his Elvis on??

Authorities Found White Powder And Numerous Pills In Sage Stallones Bedroom

According to TMZ reports:

Authorities found baggies of white powder in the room where Sage Stallone died … TMZ has learned.

Our law enforcement sources confirm detectives found “several little baggies in the bedroom.” One law enforcement source says the powder is being tested and suggests it could be cocaine or crushed Vicodin.

We’re told there were no obvious signs of white powder on Sage’s body when he was found.

As we first reported, authorities found “huge” empty prescription bottles in Sage’s bedroom. A law enforcement source has now elaborated, telling TMZ they found “more than 60 gigantic bottles, like the ones in pharmacies.”

Authorities know the bottles contained Hydrocodone — generic Vicodin.

Investigators are baffled at the quantity of the bottles and are trying to figure out where Sage may have gotten them. They say it’s possible he got them online, but they’re also looking at several doctors.

There might not have been obvious signs of “white powder” on him when he was dead, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the toxicology report shows some. Condolences to the Stallone family.

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