T.I. to Shawty Lo: “I’m Done”

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Posted by Bossip Staff

T.I. talks about the Dirty Awards Brawl and chatting with Shawty Lo:

“We spoke,” Tip said. “I don’t know what that conversation meant. Shortly after we spoke … I felt that that conversation, those words, weren’t upheld. It was just a lot of nonsense. There’s no place in my life for that. There was a time in my life where I wanted no more than to indulge in that kind of activity. I went around looking for it, welcoming it. Now, I just done blown way past that. There’s no place in my life for it. What I told him really was, ‘I’m not trippin’.’ “

Tip and Lo have been going back-and-forth on record for more than a year, mainly over Lo’s jabs that Tip really isn’t from the ‘hood he claims to be from: Bankhead.

“It’s been over for me,” Tip said. “I’m looking way past this. I got way too much stuff that I’m involved in, that I’m looking forward to, to even be bothered with it. I wish you the best. Go do your thing. Peace unto everyone.”

Tip claimed that Lo’s words were insincere, because after that meeting, another fracas occurred.

“[After we talked], me and my artists go out there to do our song, and there’s a lot of negative feedback from right here in front of the stage,” he said. “That kinda sparked some things that I, once again, cannot condone, support or entertain. So I had to separate myself form the whole situation.

“I’m done,” he added. “Like I said, it’s a non-issue for me. I’m cool. I’m not trippin’. I wasn’t trippin’ before then, and I’m not trippin’ now.”

We wouldn’t be trippin’ about a rap beef if we were headed to the slammer either. Sh*t, there’s no security in the big house.


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  • thatgirllinda1

    Shawt Lo need to get it together maybe him and 50 should get together since they like to keep other rapper’s names in their mouth. Seeing as to how they can’t sell any records.

  • The Face of an Angel

    What is the worst 3 years of a niggers life?
    First grade.

  • http://www.theresumeking.com THERESUMEKING

    Shorty Lo is a straight Beeeoootttcccchhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Who really even gives a damn about Shorty Lo no rappin’ azz. T.I. should have had somebody smack him like the sucker he really is.

  • The Face of an Angel

    Did you hear about the new Black Barbie?
    It comes with 12 kids, AIDS and a welfare check.

  • JK

    Please the shawty lo may have not be defined as hip hop, but TI defintely is. I am so tired of people talking about that New York, this , New York, that. Nobody is trying to be mean mugging in the club or in their car all the time, to that angry mess. Now I can give people like Jay-Z, and others their props. But, others nobody checking for New York, that is a fact, and I guess you know by now I am from the South.

  • JK

    @ circa-81
    Totally agree.

  • http://signoftimes@msn.org mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition

    what up Tim Tim keep telling em like it is dawg!

  • The Face of an Angel

    Did you hear about the new Black Barbie?
    It comes with 12 kids, AIDS and a welfare check.


    and what i said goes for most of the south rappers 2 , they all just flavor of the months

  • Mz_Magnificent1 LUVS Her Prez

    Dumbazz Shawty NO must be drinking that syrup if he thinks going after T.I. is gonna bring in some record sales…

    How about this…make some quality records and then maybe JUST maybe you can sale. What he needs to be concerned with is getting some treatments for that health issue that he has.

    T.I. don’t waste anymore energy on Shawty NO’s disease-infested azz.

  • Sawyer

    Yup I’m sure when your freedom is being taken away for doing some idiotic foolishness, you too would reevaluate your past, present and future decisions! So for that T.I. I commend you and when you make a commitment to finally do good evil will follow to try to bring you down. You must ignore and rise above the petty BS. T.I. is finally doing some good stuff (albeit to change his public image) but regardless for the change it is a welcomed one.

    One you reach a certain level you can ignore them, i.e., what Jay Z did with Cam’ron.

    Wack ass Shawty Lo has a long way to go before he becomes a better rapper, business man or make the connects and become the role model T.I. was transitioning into before he f’ed up and got caught with them guns!


    But i guess its the dirty souths turn , but dont worry New york will come back hard body , im not 2 sure about west coast doe

  • circa-81

    @ Pedro

    So who you think is the best rapper alive?

  • thatgirllinda1

    circa 81 who cares who he thinks the negro thinks he is the king of new york. suburban white kids or not hood negros aint buying no records. however they will sell you a bootleg for 5.00 bucks though. jay-z is the only ny rapper who people are checking for.

  • Sawyer

    …and as far as whats better NY rappers or down south…the real bottom line is if either coast (who cares which one) dont put out better quality of music, be innovate on ways to control how it is circulated the industry will continue to lose fans and sales.

    True hip hop heads arent even checking for a lot of these artist that get main air play. Its underground rap where you have to find good rap these days. But with all that being said the older I get the less of an ear I have for rap anyways, but I feel sorry for the newer generation coming up that have to hear the BS sh*t they promote today.

  • deanoe

    shawty lo is swag, e ad 1 ayte song, widda cuple next man onda trak called FOOLISH and dats it, otherwise e shud retire. but t.i is messy doe if i was t.i i wud’ve layd shawty lo out… still. hold tyte da south east n south west 9 soulja’s bang bang

  • DaATLSeed



    TIP trying to be the bigger man and Shorty Low relizing his whole career gonna be flushed if he dont keep a rap beefo going. How much anyone wanna bet Shorty Low gonna try to beef with someone else while TI is doing his bid in jail..

  • JK

    Jay-Z did fall hard, cause American Gangsta sucked.

  • rome

    Pedro your first comment about southern dudes was so stereotypical. But, true to form, you open your mouth like a true northerner with a whole lotta talking and usually no action. You probably never been outside your burrough. You strike me as the type to come down south with all that and they find you on Sunday morning after the club in a alleyway with your pockets turned inside out and your face smashed in and you still don’t know what happened or who did it to you cause you was too busy talking to see the first blow comming!!! yeah that’s you! nuff said. Don’t even respond. I’m done. Dueces.

  • circa-81

    Big L. I heard a freestyle that nearly made me piss on myself.


    t.i. is a rat bastard!!!


    @ Pedro

    How you goin to say Lil Wayne is not one of the greatest rappers of this era are your serious? Look on a serious tip pay real close attention to the lyrics in Waynes raps hes a genius ! i.e ” Dont let me be misunderstood ” serious for ALL OF YOU SO-CALLED HIP -HOP HEADS if you pay attention to some of the lyrics they have deeper meanings read between the lines thats what the problem is now with eveyone who claims to be hip- hop head your listen to the bass .

  • thatgirllinda1

    I know Solja Boy sucks but I’m just saying don’t put down a whole region.
    Personally, I like T.I., Tha Game, Nas, Q-Tip Common, Mos Def and Jay-z

  • JK

    Lil Wayne don’t have no deeper meanings in his lyrics. That’s bull, I remember when he was performing at the Skating Rink in BR talking about Solider Rag with Juvie.

  • circa-81

    @ It’s Truth

    Lil’ Wayne is aight….but to say the best. Hell no. I analyze lyrics and I have come to the conclusion that either his mind is too clouded to make sense, he isn’t trying, or he is just a half alright rapper that everybody is into right now. But by far I wouldn’t include him in a top ten.

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