Bank Clerk Aspiring To Model Steals $46k To Fund Her Dream<

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Bank Clerk Dreaming Of Model Career Steals $46K From Her Job For Implants And Lipo

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Bank Clerk Aspiring To Model Steals $46k To Fund Her Dream

A mother working as a bank clerk was recently charged for stealing from her job to fund her pipe dreamin’ plastic surgery ventures on her quest for stardom.

A bank clerk dreaming to be a model stole $46,000 from her employers — before blowing it on boob jobs, dental work, liposuction, hair extensions and make-up.

Rachael Martin, 24, enjoyed wild spending sprees and splashed out on extravagant nights out.

The young mom lavished $4,000 on breast surgery and a further $1,700 on teeth-whitening treatment and other expensive dental work.

She pilfered the money from Barclays over eight weeks in amounts of £1,000 or £2,000 a time, squirrelling funds into her own account.

On one occasion, Martin managed to swipe $6,000 from the coffers in one go.

By the time cops nicked her, she had spent it all.

Martin, who faces jail, yesterday admitted theft at Truro Crown Court, Cornwall.



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