The Groupie Love All-Stars: Men Who Are Clearly Addicted To Groupies

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Men Always Linked To Groupies

It seems like every day a new groupie is coming out of the woodwork to put someone else on blast. And they’re always dropping names. Here’s the thing though, we’ve noticed that when these groupies come out they’re always mentioning the same guys!

So we compiled a list of guys whose names seems to pop up with these groupies more frequent than not. Take a look and get these men some discretion.

Drake – He might be the worst of the bunch, wifing up strippers and getting caught in twitpics and such. All the while trying to wife Rihanna.

Lil Wayne – He lets these groupies put up pictures of him after he gets the knockout. Do better.

Tiger Woods – He deserves his own wing in the Hall of Fame. Dude left voice messages to a swarm of groupies. And ruined his marriage by the by.

Shaq – Every time a groupie pops up, so does his name. Hell, he married one!

Antonio Cromartie – He had like nine kids already from his various road trips. Just stay in the hotel, man.

Trey Songz – He’s another person that’s always on groupies phones and laptops. Have a little decency Trey.

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    Matt Barnes – He even got caught in pics with some freaking prostitute!

    Eric Benet – He messed around with hoes while he was with Halle Berry! HALLE BERRY!

    Wilt Chamberlain – He’s the big daddy of this groupie sh*t. He gets his own shrine.

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