Old-Man LL Cool J is Washed-Up: Don’t Blame Jay

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Ll Cool J recently took some more slick shots at Jay-Z. Last year, LL was going around crying that Jay didn’t push his album. In a new video, LL suggests Joe Camel was talking reckless on the I Get Money Remix. He says Jay-Z should have fell back with his verse and stuck to his “job”.

Someone tell Old Man LL Cool J no one is checkin’ for him and he can’t get street or relevant again by rockin’ some locs, a chain, and kickin it with No Cents. It’s a wrap, fall back, and leave a legend.

The video of the old man talking slick against Jay right about now

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    Pretty people need to look good and shut up

  • Philly

    Jay is the dude! I grew up on LL, but the last album sucks! Toooooo much for the ladies.

  • yo

    this will be a great battle.. a lot of you young kats don’t know about L. He has been around for a minute.. don’t think for one minute that Jay will have a cake walk.. L is not called the GOAT for no reason. L wins this all day.. Besides jay won’t even answer back.. first because he know L is a legend, second jay is on a decline.. L is more hungry at this point in his career because he feels as if fans forgot where he came from.. it’s about to get real funny..haha real funny.

  • yo

    Jay needs to do his job for real. These two def. battle back in the day and of course L won. Hands down!!! and yea jay is about the same age as L. Maybe older who knows.. don’t get me wrong jay is good with the lyrics but in a battle. L got it.. LL came from an era where battles began..

  • The Real Essence 1

    *meant to say …elder statesman*

  • beast


  • yo

    no body is talking about fashion here..

  • beast

    Just to be clear: jay-z born in 1969…. LL born in 1968.. Naw, this won’t be a fashion show I like Jay alot… but LL IS LIKE A SLEEPING ELEPHANT WHEN YOU WAKE HIM HE WILL TRAMPLE EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING IN HIS WAY.. YO JAY BE EASY ON THIS ONE AND FALL BACK… AND LET SLEEPING ELEPHANTS LIE…

  • beast


  • http://www.myspace.com/alobienduro NextTopModel

    ll should dress accordingly. but i believe james will eat camel… whats wit dudes takin shots at legends? i like jz better behind a desk, or rhianna

  • http://www.myspace.com/alobienduro NextTopModel

    yo beast, great analogy.

  • http://www.blackplaysandfilms.com MsOpposite

    I like LL’s songs for the ladies. I mean his name is LL which stands for “Ladies Love” Coolo J


  • Mississippi Girl

    I dont care how old LL gets, he is still FINE AS HELL! And he still has the respect of people in the industry!

  • Maya

    I mean it’s all good. I love Jay to the fullest, but him and LL goin against each other would make for a mighty hot battle. All I’m saying is that it seemed from the start that LL had problems with Jay when he was named head of Def Jam. That’s how it goes though… people hate whether u were promoted to CEO or head custodian. And yeah, Kingdom Come may have been garbage, Jay has fallen off, I’ll give you that, but Jay ain’t no punk when it comes to the lyrical. Trust.

  • Maya

    Also, I know LL was out before Jay, and he is a legend. However, Jay “takin shots at legends”? Come on now, Jay is a legend in his own right as well…He could scratch his ass and live off the INTEREST on his money for the rest of his life. Yes, “camel” has done pretty damn good for himself, I must say…

  • Mike

    LL is a legend he can say whatever he wants.

    Rap is Just like any other genre of music there’s no age limit. Nobody tells Patti LaBelle to stop singing even though she’s 60 years old. Nobody tells rockstars like Rolling stones to stop do what they love to do..etc.

  • SayIt

    Umm there both washed up thats why they going back & forth wit eachother jay said LL is 2 old 2 be rappin, when LL put out his last cd lol umm excuse jay have u forgotten ur birthdate?

    yea they were both great but both there time is up LL isnt on tha level his was back in tha day & times have changed he just didnt change wit it & jay come on the black album wht was that? he’s backwards reasonable doubt is still his best & how long ago did that drop? that point is if ur not gettin better with time if ur not lyrically progressing or u just talkin bout that same ish wit a different beat then ur time is UP!

  • Coop

    LL you had THREE VIDEOS stop blaming Jay. Of all the artist to blame Jay for bad album sales you should be the last to take that step.

  • Mike

    Halle Berry is 41 years old but nobody calls her “old”. LL Cool J is 39 years old but he’s considered old. WTF? That ish don’t make any sense.

  • VB

    jay-z already bodied dude in a battle.dame ,jaz-0 and sauce money cosigned it .ll already accepted defeat a while back

  • http://nonya.com Dito

    I grew up on LL but please keep in mind that his title as G.O.A.T is self proclaimed and not given to him by the mass public IMO

  • ko

    Oooh!!! This one is a long time comin!!! Uncle L feels like he should be runnin Def Jam bein he was the first artist they signed. I love LL but I don’t think he’s touching jigga lyrically. Ask Nas L, you don’t want it Hov.

  • ko

    Oooh!!! This one is a long time comin!!! Uncle L feels like he should be runnin Def Jam bein he was the first artist they signed. I love LL but I don’t think he’s touching jigga lyrically. Ask Nas L, you don’t want it with Hov.

  • linseu

    LL should have his own label by now…he is hating and I’m sure 50 gasing him up…

  • southside_kid

    thats trouble for jay cause it seem like ll bout to dig in him. jay can’t battle just ask nas.

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