Coupled Up

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Bobby Brown and his boo Alicia Etheridge helped Lisa Raye celebrate her 40th birthday last night. If you can get past the crooked crack mouth, Bobby actually looks a little “normal” here.

Meanwhile Whitney is trying to get her swag back, smiling and stuntin for the paparazzi with Clive Davis in NYC:

Good for her, she is looking a lot better in these shots.

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  • I Stay SMH

    HOW did the King of R & B…

    R & B being Rocks and Beer, get an invite?

  • Bird

    Bobby doesn’t look normal to me. He looks drunk as usual and I’m wondering what Lisa Raye is doing hanging with him.

  • I Stay SMH

    he looks like the father of my children for sure!

  • M. DOT

    Whitney lookin more and more like her cuz’n Dionne Warwick. Still wtg for that comeback album though…

  • wifey

    Bobby know where to go to get a free meal! LMAO…

  • My Business

    Ummmm did Bobby B have a stroke because he looks like a recovery stoke patient. Whittey looks good and of course Lisa Raye looks good and her husband looks like a manly Tyler Perry!

  • wifey

    OH yeah, and I hope people recognize what Clive is doing…he is probably THE BIGGEST figure in the entire music industry, and he does not have to personally work with/be seen with ANY artist, yet he has personally taken Whitney back under his wing, and he is personally making sure she is seen with him and getting positive publicity and attention.

    I hope she makes it because this man is putting his whole heart into helping her make a comeback when he could have written her off as washed up. So many people are praying and rooting for Whitney (like me).

  • My Business

    @ wifey speak the truth I agree and I can’t wait for her CD to drop and I hope its not a bunch of nothing. She will pull through I just hope she stays clean!

  • Lili

    OK, Bobby and Alicia are ruining the photo.

  • RU$$

    LisaRaye 40 years young and still fine as HELL!!!!!

  • Reformed GammaRay

    Lisa Raye hubby and Bobbay Date look like brother n sister… peculiar…

  • feefer

    @ wifey, yeah i peeped that. clive could earsily have written her off and let the rocks have her, but i guess since he’s been with her since the beginning and remembered what great talent lies beneath the crack smoke, he decided to ride with her. good for the both of them.

    as for bobby, ROFL @ “crooked crack mouth” – i swear bobby is like a looks vampire. he gets with good looking women and sucks the good looks right outta them. i don’t know exactly when Alicia’s looks started to go south but she used to be beautiful, but now…ehhhh

  • shee

    Good to see Whitney, looks like she’s going to be fine.

  • bcan

    Her weave looks normal! Thank you Jesssuss!

  • Heather

    Love Nippy!

  • BlahBlah

    @My Business

    I thought that WAS Tyler Perry at first, but a double-take says Tyler Perry’s better-looking brother.

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals

    Bobbaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol!!

    Whitney’s my…oh, Whitney! I can hardly wait for your CD to drop! This is one I’d actually buy! Not bootleg, either Lol!!!!!!!!!


    Everyone and their mother should know that Clive has ALWAYS believed in Whitney even when she was going through a rough period in her life! He also recognizes the fact that Whitney made him TONS of money back in the day! I think it was something about her “innocence” back then…

    Oh, well! To have someone like him in my corner after all my trials– I would say that Whitney knows what side her bread is buttered on.

    Good Luck to ya girl!

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals

    Either Tyler Perry or…..

    Steve yes, Steve Harvey! Lol!!!!!

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals

    **going to google Tyler Perry or better yet, checking for a MySpace page**

  • Queenie

    Odd couples is more like it. WTF is he doing there. People still invite him to stuff? He ain’t passin up no open bar.

  • John

    Bobby look as if he hit that pipe before he took this picture.

  • Lady Architect

    Whitney is looking so much better…I really hope she brings out another album…a good one…lisa raye looks great for 40 and looks very happy with her husband. Bobby brown….no comment

  • me that's who

    whitney looks good, bobby looks the same, high as all get out, he always got that i am full, or i am bout to get full look on his face, and lisa raye is 40?????? damn how old was she in the players club?????

  • Ms. Dee (The All Powerful 1)

    Clive better keep them shoes tied. We don’t want him slipping and falling. Whit needs you man! (That is one smooth older gentleman!)

  • camcam781

    Bobby girl looks a hot funky mess and so does he. Lisa looks beautiful as usual..her hubby does look a little suspect

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