Uncle Tom Bill Cosby Should STFU: Settles Suit Over Drugging Woman for Sex

- By Bossip Staff

Posted By Bossip Staff

I guess Bill Cosby likes to drug white women and have his perverted way with them. Previously, Cosby admitted to giving a Canadian woman a sleeping pill but denied having sex with her. Now, Cosby reportedly settled a lawsuit with this woman over him drugging her and soaking up her panties while she was unconscious. A dozen other women have come forward claiming Cosby put his “Pudding Pop” in them after he drugged them.

Here is lawyer Tamara Green, one of the other dozen women who have previously come forward alleging Cosby drugged her. For her spill,click here. I guess she is next in line to hit up Cosby’s pockets. The other women are likely to light up his pockets.

A Bill, although some of the stuff you say is true and all “13” of these women may be lying about you sexually abusing them, but next time your rich ass tries to ride against some struggling project kid for getting caught up and making mistakes in the hood, think about some of your illegitmate children and adventures drugging women for sex. Unfortunately, they can’t get million dollar attorneys to fight their cases and their single parent mothers have to work during the day.

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