Morgan Freeman : 100 Milli Divorce and Swirling

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Morgan Freeman, has been swirling lately, and it looks like he is going to pay about a 100 milli stacks for that divorce

Sounds like Morgan Freeman’s divorce from his wife, Myrna Colley-Lee, will be both nasty and expensive for the Oscar winner. Though there’s no comment from either party in this breakup, Freeman’s wife of 24 years stands to rake in more than $100 million in a potential settlement. Original estimates put the actor’s net worth in the $75 million to $90 million range, but now it is being reported he may be worth as much as three to four times that amount. Among assets contributing to the actor’s bounty are a very valuable gold coin collection, a rare stamp collection, a $7 million home in the Virgin Islands, real estate in Freeman’s native Mississippi worth nearly $30 million (including a $5 million personal home), a $10 million New York apartment and a $15 million Los Angeles estate.

It is  also confirmed that his new piece is a Nicole Kidman toned swirl named, Mary Joyce. Un-Freeman obviously has some serious fetishes and dilemmas going on here. SMH

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  • bg


  • JK

    That is what his black ass get. Cheaper to keep her. He just like Syndey Pottier always got to have that white meat. If it ain’t white, it ain’t right. I hope she get the 100 million.

  • JK

    Maybe he can get a second job driving Ms. Daisy. Sorry, had to throw that in there.

  • Pretty Brown Thing


    ps. MORGAN… U CAN ALWAYS COME HOME (Martin had said that) lol

  • Pretty Brown Thing

    @ JK


  • Pretty Brown Thing

    and um… that’s shot gun*


  • Aunt Viv poppin' in

    Oh Morgan Freeman…

  • http://hotmail Visha

    I have been trolling websites all day and this is the first time i have seen so much “ghettoness” and vile disrespect. Black people just spewing nonsense. Can u listen to yourselves how ignorant do u sound?

  • WordtotheWise

    I hope she gets every red cent of it.

    @pm>>>yeah, it’s better to have a cheater than no one at all, right? Sheesh.

  • pm

    old woman with money= lonely until she dies
    old man with money= young again

  • anonymous says


  • Shannon O.

    See..I really need to be working and not trying to add my $0.05 cents in this mess that he has made for himself…but here we go!…now…Let me say this…Most people with certain amount of stacks in there bank accounts, wallets, mattress, closet, shoe box or where ever you find the best hiding place tend to request that their significant other do not hold a 8-4, 9-5, 3-11 or 11-7! They like for them to sit at home or share some of the spot light with them to a certain degree. Now, here is the dilema…these significant others get adjusted to this life style and accustom to living a certain way and this is what they require. Now..when daddy or mommy decide that you’ve played a good part and now you as a mate have come to the end of your road and your services are no longer required…guess what…they UPGRADE!…Now what they fail to consider is..they have just pushed a deeper hole in their wallet and this money is about to leak all over the place! Yes…it is cheaper to keep them, but in some’s better to go on and shell out that dough before somebody end up getting hurt! Now, don’t quote me on this, but Morgan had a wife before this jump off..I believe he is headed towards wifee’ #3! Now, here is just $0.01 cents more….if you sit there and think…1/2 of a man is better than no man at all…sweetie need to be whipped with a wet belt…whole is better than 1/2 any day of the week. Don’t nobody need no cheating, deadbeat, verbal abusing, lazy, tried, part-time thug or what-ever ya flavor man or woman or wearing their good sofa out! Put that thang on the curb with the rest of your trash and PRAY hard that the TRASH MAN come on time that day!…

  • leeshbeesh

    lmfao….she should get like 20-30 million..

  • JK

    @ Visha.. yeah sometimes crazy stuff is said. Yet if you check out the serious post that dicuss AIDS in the DC area or other topics such as this, than you will find intelligent conversations.

    However, this is not a serious post, and the comments are going to be light. Plus Morgan Freeman did this to himself.

  • bg

    Thank you!!It’s always a Tavis Smiley, Cornell West mofo in the crowd. People always wanna take part of something instead of looking at the whole thing

  • JK

    And why everything has to be ghetto if people are just having fun. Damn, people come here to be themselves just like you have your opinion and others have theirs. With that attitude however, you can GTFO.

  • pm

    Visha just trippin cus Obama in office..Don’t worry we can still use our white folks voice if need be.

  • Sepia830

    Is it still considered cheating if you are old as sin and probably can’t get it up? I hope his wife gets more than half of everything–including the moles on his face.

  • Shannon O.

    @ Nelsan Ellis….WTF..I know you playing…LaFayette is not DEAD! Please say it ain’t so…Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww(down on my knees CMEOFR)…say it ain’t so…please tell me you just playing…I got to go and sit down now!

  • JK

    @ Sepia830

    LOL at the moles in his face remark.

  • Tracey

    I hope Mary Joyce is really worth a marriage, losing ones respect and 100 million dollars!

  • Man, I just don't care

    “old woman with money= lonely until she dies
    old man with money= young again”

    that was both eloquent and truthful. Wow, thanks.

  • Shannon O.

    @ Nelsan Ellis…I’m praying that this is just one of those flukes! I think that he may have gotten hit up by a wolf or maybe that girl that Bill changed. Lord…True Blood would never be the same.

  • bg

    IT’s cheaper to keep her der boy! (ole otis)- Martin circa 1996 or so

  • Eventually

    When will a nicca eva learn just because a white woman show a lil p**sy don’t mean its free
    Shyt at least he’s not in jail like a couple of niccas i know who f**ked white girls and their fathers caught them and the white girls claimed rape….Going to Jail is the modern day form of lynching…Keep Playing with fire, white woman, a nicca, black man, 9x out of 10 will get burnt

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