No Shame: Men That Stuck By Their Women Despite Their…Questionable…Pasts

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Men That Don’t Mind Their Shady Pasts

Kim Kardashian recently got put all up on front street again by Ray J who brought the world’s attention to the fact that Kimmy K used to indeed be known as the lady that used his scrotes to catapult herself to fame.

Still, she found a man that loved her despite her shortcomings. She’s not the only one. Let’s look at lovers that stayed together despite one’s questionable past.

Nick Cannon – He definitely stepped up in stature by bagging Mariah, but he did have to look past the fact she went freaking crazy for a bit.

Hank Baskett – Kendra is a former reality show girl and Playboy playmate. Hmmm…that might be a bonus.

Shaq – His boo was chopped down by Flavor Flav and a reality show slore. And 1/8th his size but that’s neither here nor there.

Michael Clarke Duncan – Everyone hates Omarosa, but MCD doesn’t. And that saved his life.

Sean Kingston – He had Striperella Maliah Michel on his arm like it was all good.

Brad Pitt – Jolie is craaaaazy. And she has Billy Bob juice on her.

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    Stevie J – Joseline could be a…y’know…well…she might have a…nevermind.

    Wiz Khalifa – She used to skrip too…but all’s well that ends well.

    Max Cooper – He looked past Eve’s stripper past AND her little amateur tape. Good for him.

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