Making It Rain On Them Bums: Homeless Man Who Made $60k A Year Begging Says He’s Too Lazy To Get A Real Job

- By Bossip Staff

$60k? Where do we sign up?

A man who was arrested for panhandling without a permit told police officers he was too lazy to get a job because he could make $60,000 a year begging.

Shane Warren Speegle was allegedly caught panhandling near Interstate 40 and Macarthur Boulevard in Oklahoma City earlier this month.

Officers informed the 45-year-old that he was breaking the law and that he would need to pay $200 for a permit to solicit in the area.

The 45-year-old asked if he could get a permit that day as $200 was relatively cheap, according to

When the officer asked why Speegle did not just look for a job, he replied: ‘I’m lazy, and I made $60,000 doing this last year. Why would I go get a job?’

The officer left after asking the beggar to leave the area and reminding him that he could not panhandle without a permit.

But when the officer returned a mere 20 minutes later, he found Speegle panhandling in the same spot.

He was arrested on a complaint of soliciting from the street and taken to the Oklahoma County jail.

Racks on racks on racks!!


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