Lil Weezy is a Looker

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Hot boy F. Baby celebrated his 25th birthday in Houston this weekend. It still is a wonder to me how women find him attractive. Is it the icy grin? The almost midget stature? The excessively inked physique?  What is it?  Ladies help me out.  I think I would be scared half to death if I had to wake up to that grill every morning.

More pics from that event:

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  • Don Don

    Straight Cheesin…

  • I Stay SMH

    yes… IS smart for him to make that face!

  • My Business

    Hey Lil Waynee Boo how you doin!

  • Nice

    He got that swagger. YES! I’ll take two of those for 100 Bob

  • Bird

    It’s the money. Without it he wouldn’t even be able to pull pretty hood chicks.

  • Ms. Sugar walls


  • Ms. Sugar walls


  • Reformed GammaRay

    he can’t help it he should of been apart of Ratatouille..he caynt..

    met him in at the Loves stop station in VA last summer, (we don’t got “Loves” up hur in the NY he he) his dreads looked very well cared he was very kind, it was the way he spoke seemed like a humble guy, he was heavily iced out in the batteries section though..

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    swagger what??.. hes hella ugly… *well hes not ugly… no one is we’re all made in the image n likeness of God but hes sure DAMN hard to look at* he has a Notevenifiwasdeadbrokeandnakedwouldideal type face… plus his breath look like it stinks… im kinda like his locks tho lol

  • Reformed GammaRay

    I’da prolly got a invite on the bus if it wasn’t for the dag blasted head scarf and driving clothes (HAM in the hard travelin AM)

  • Reformed GammaRay

    Heya Sugar!

    your gravy got me siiiick! cuz I got job interviews DANG!!!

  • Smokie

    I assume it’s the man’s swagger.

    Don’t hate.

  • whatever

    25? this man is not 25 years old

  • Selenah



  • CeeVille

    Yeah, I know everyone is not Laz, Bryce or anyone else hot as all out hell…but hit this…oh may my p***y dry up if I ever even thought of hitting this!

    Swagger…only if you wrapped his entire body in money! Hmmm and come to think of it, as short as he is that wouldn’t amount to much money! On second thought, that would hide the tats tho!

    He just looks “cold fried pork chop, can of old bacon grease” greasy!

  • bonnie

    There is NOTHING attractive about him..

  • beth

    i think weezy look like a deformed fetus

  • Shae

    Umm… Baby no.

  • bcan

    I’m gonna say swagger as well. He does have it. Face it ladies, confidence can take a man a long way. He can “spit” too. Hell, even I got a little a moist from a verse he said on Chris Brown’s “Poppin” remix. He said “I’m stapped with an automatic tongue-& it goes barrat–tat-tat-tat..” Enuff said!

  • !Dope Girl Fresh!

    p.s- I cosign on the last part that “bcan” wrote: “I’m stapped with an automatic tongue-& it goes barrat–tat-tat-tat..” Enuff said!

  • keltharocka

    Everytime I try to give him the benefit of the doubt……oh well.

  • Bubo

    Money, he got it. SO he is attractive

  • Melinda

    I can’t help you out on this one b/c I jusdt don’t get it. I would let Joe Camel hit it before this thing. He is ugly as hell and he is no where near being the greatest MC out there… as he says!

    This is the greatest MC of all time…

  • b

    yea I don’t get it either my girl thinks there’s something about him…but I really don’t get it…..I mean he can flow and has style but man is he FUGLY.

  • Karma

    Two words for Lil’ Wayne….

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