Crack The Vaults! Celebrity Amateur Freak Flicks We Know Exist But Haven’t Seen…Yet

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Celebrity Amateur Films That Never Got Released

Why in the world do celebrities keep filming themselves doing the nasty with their significant others? Inevitably that tape will get out and the celebrities will try their damnedest to get rid of them before anyone sees. Unfortunately, they succeed more often than they fail.

Here are some freaky home videos we’ve heard are out there but we haven’t and probably won’t ever see again.

Minka Kelly – It was just revealed that she has an old tape around. Will it see the light of day? *crosses fingers*

Jennifer Lopez – She filed a suit to have her ex hold on to a tape from their honeymoon in the late-90s. Dammit. We need Casper to make this better.

Tupac – Of course there was the video of him getting domed up while dapping up his homies and drinking Hennessy. We never saw the whole thing.

Kanye and Kim – Pictures surfaced that allegedly showed Yeezy right behind Kimmy’s Cakes but their faces weren’t shown. Think it was them? And is there more?

Adele – She had a tape drop buuuut we haven’t seen it. Would you want to?

Betty White – Before you avert your eyes: there are old freaky photos of her and her husband back in the 60s. We bet there’s a video somewhere, too.

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    Draya Michele – There was allegedly a tape of her and some guy (Chris Brown?) that she was preparing for, but it never dropped.

    Shakira – She’s been blackmailed for her tape not being released. They should drop it anyway.

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