Florida Crazies: Woman’s Jugular Severed After Fight With Neighbor Over Cell Phone

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Woman’s Jugular Severed After Fight With Neighbor Over Cell Phone

Broads these days are straight crazy!

Orlando police continued their search Monday for a woman accused of stabbing another woman in the neck and head during a fight, and also released more details about the attack.

Jeniffer Delgado, 32, was stabbed several times during the attack at the Grove Park apartment community Sunday, including one cut that severed her jugular. Police said the cuts caused major blood loss and Delgado was placed on a ventilator because she cannot breathe on her own.

According to an arrest report, a witness told officers that Delgado was at her apartment when a neighbor, Leslie Caraballo, came to the door and started arguing with Delgado about an incident involving a cell phone.

Caraballo and Delgado left the apartment and continued their argument in the courtyard behind the building. Police said Caraballo’s boyfriend tried to break up the two women as they started to physically fight. At that point, an arrest report said, Leslie Caraballo’s sister, Denise Caraballo, came out of an apartment and told them to let the two women fight.

As Leslie Caraballo and Delgado fought, police said, Denise Caraballo joined in the altercation. The witness told police Denise Caraballo had a sharp-looking object in her hand, and Delgado fell forward with blood coming from her neck.

Police said Denise Caraballo stood over Delgado and made a threatening statement. The witness told officers that as Caraballo’s sister stood over Delgado, she shouted, “this is what us [expletive] from New York do to [expletive] from Florida.”

Then, police reported, Leslie Caraballo’s boyfriend yelled, “Let’s go, let’s go, you killed her.” The sisters left the scene, but police reports show that later that day, Leslie Caraballo was attacked.

Few details were released Monday about that incident, but an Orlando police report said Caraballo, 27, was hit in the back of a head with a crowbar, kicked and had a gun pulled on her.

Caraballo was arrested and booked into the Orange County Jail, where she remained Monday. Police continue searching for her sister.

Really though?? Who says some stupid ish like “this is what us [expletive] from New York do to [expletive] from Florida”???

Hopefully they find that crazy beyotch of a sister!!! And surprisingly enough, thkis isn’t the first time Leslie has been arrested…peep her 2011 mug shot below:


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