Diddy And His Forbes Talk

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Diddy discussed the making of the “I Get Money” remix with him, Mr. Camel, and No Cents and brags about being on the Forbes cover back in the days of Seinfeld:

“If it came down to a video, I would make sure the video is right. The session was the way you can imagine it. It was a billion dollars in the building. It was a lot of power in there. You basically had the powerhouses of Hip-Hop all in one room and we had a ball.”

“The beauty about it at the end of the day we all love to make music. It wasn’t no real egos involved, we all played our positions.”

“People say that sh*t and they making it up [in their rhymes] but I was on the cover of Forbes with Jerry Seinfeld ten years ago. So the world is just catching up. I’ve had my subscription since I’ve been nineteen years old with Forbes and Robb Report and Fortune Magazine. I stays on the lists. To have that articulated in the most craziest pop sh*t way and then to have two of your counterparts [50 Cent and Jay-Z] critique your verse and give it the thumbs up? It isn’t even fair.”


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  • sexiichar


  • sexiichar


  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    me me me me

    shut up!

  • Duche Bag Boy

    I make $15,000 a year!

  • Bahama Mama


    when are they gonna cut his mic off??

  • ZA

    Get your money Diddy.

  • Hiphopisgarbage

    I used to admire dude ’cause I saw in him a kind of courage that seems to be lacking in the community. But now he’s turned into this annoying gnat with a dinosaur size ego. Like someone said before–dude, STFU!!!!

  • No-GO

    with a billion dollars in the room those 3 need to go ahead and buy the Chicago Cubs, thats real power, since Mr. Bud Selig is trying to price out blacks from owning a b-ball team.

    Do the right thing with your money.

  • Smartie

    Maybe Diddy can take some of that money and buy some tutoring sessions so he can learn to speak proper English.

  • crest

    diddy,jay z and 50 would rather talk about women and rap than jena 6 or the torture case in west virginia. when i was younger i thought diddy and jay z were cool but now i see they and oprah only want to make money and not rock the boat and take a real stand. i dont feel bad for B5 or boyz n da hood because they know his track record going in of long contracts and not paying artists all of their money so anyone who signs with that cat deserves to get ganked out of their money

  • No-GO


    anybody can put there name on something and give money that doesnt mean they are helping there communities. for example, TI builds affordable houses in his old community, now thats a direct impact on the community. so what diddy ran the marathon for kids, where did the money go, into a fund like the RED CROSS which still doesnt help anyone like there suppose too, just as the katrina victims. and i bet they dont even know where there charity money is spent.

  • MsOpposite
  • catfish

    Let’s put Kelly Price, Beyonce and Eve in a room and see how much their worth! How much did they say about Jena 6? The double standard is ridiculous.

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