Sarah Palin Doesn’t Have Time for Oprah

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Oprah is not feeling the way Sarah Palin played her, but she knows she’ll have the last word:

“I said I would be happy to talk to Sarah Palin when the election was over…I went and tried to talk to Sarah Palin and instead she talked to Greta [Van Susteren]. She talked to Matt [Lauer]. She talked to Larry [King],” Winfrey tells Extra. “But she didn’t talk to me.”

But Winfrey doesn’t think she’ll stay away for long.

“Maybe she’ll talk to me now that she has a [multi-million dollar] book deal,” she said. Winfrey’s book club propels novels onto bestselling lists.

Don’t worry, Harpo, we’re gonna get this heffa. We’ll get a super chocolate brotha like Idris Elba that she can’t resist to have a pretend swirl with her, and then snap some pictures of her pasty cakes up in the air to put her on blast. She looks like she’s curious about the “rumors” anyway.


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  • Caramellatte

    Am I first..LOL!

  • Caramellatte

    I guess so…Anyway back to the blog, who cares about Soccor Mom Palin, I don’t want to hear nothing she’s talking about! Next

  • Real Black dude

    Who cares if she doesn’t do Oprah! Next!

  • whateva!

    Damn O.J. was just sentenced to 27+ years and 1st.

  • whateva!

    Guess i was wrong (about being 1st) 😦

  • sickofitt

    Wow they finally got OJ huh.

    Sarah is not doing Oprah because Oprah got Obama elected duh

  • Truer words have never been spoken until now:

    Oprah that was a classy way to put her on blast. You showed America you were open but Sarah went everywhere else as a diss factor. There will come a time that she will need to appear on your show and at that point pit your supreme intelligence and political savy up against her small minded, ignorance to paint a very clear picture for America.

  • This I Know

    Screw Sarah Palin!!! She can’t even put words together and make any logical sense anyway. That interview would have been a trainwreak! Her 15 minutes are up. Unless she comes back on the scene as a total genius who can name all the African countries and their capital cities or something, she should just hid her head in shame and embarassment.

    BTW, OJ is crying on TV right now. He can go to hell too!

  • Htownzchick

    C’mon blackpeoplewillhealoneday…colorstruck? Lol just jokin

  • Jaye

    Palin may wanna stay in her lane and show Oprah some respect if she ever hopes to get favorable media coverage anywhere outside of Alaska and FOX News. When she starts shopping that rumored book of hers I bet Palin and her agent will come hat in hand BEGGING to be featured on the show and posted on O’s book list!

    Be careful who you sub on your way up….. never know who you’ll see on the way back down.



    Palin knows she’s gonna have to play ball with O.Just deal with it.

  • Redd Tony aka Earth Sign "Simplicity is true Sophistication"

    Damn the Juice has been squeezed…..


    Oprah shouldn’t have her on the show when she DOES come requesting, trying to get the book sold. Tell her to take her ass to Tyra

  • Yvonne

    So what if she didn’t talk to Oprah.

    Believe it or not there are some people who don’t want to talk to Oprah. Sarah Palin has the right to talk or not talk to anyone she pleases.


    That’s what the hell OJ gets. He should have gotten somewhere and sat his ass down. You already got away with murder booboo, why you keep trying these people cause they wanna get you one way or the other. Guess you won’t have a choice now. DUMMY!

  • Sawyer

    Oprah you are way too big for this!!! Of course she’s not going to come on your show and I DONT have to say why…we all know the reason. Which makes no sense since the white women love them some Oprah. Kinda hard for a selfish chick to hold a grudge cause you supported a (in her words) no experienced, community organizing person who pals around with terrorist!

    However with you making a statement about it she might feel a little pressure and do your show. It’ll get big headlines, you guys will make it a work and all will be well in the world of media.

  • E$


  • Rico

    That shows you how stupid this woman is. If the true be told, who cares what the hell she has to say anyway???

  • Lady elle

    I know Oprah didn’t think Sarah Palin is going to give this rich black woman an interview.
    She cannot be surprised.

  • Football1

    Unless she is gonna finally admit that little retarded baby is the result a love romp w/her husband and 14yr old daughter who the hell cares!

  • Ms. Brilly

    So what if Sarah Palin didn’t want to go on the show? Why is Palin wrong for that? I didn’t know that if Oprah wanted you on the show you were supposed to jump at the opportunity? I think people are blowing it out of proportion.

  • bg

    we respect and love oprah, but aint nobody gotta talk you just cuz your oprah. Get over yourself

  • sista gal


    SMH – I’ve seen that hot mess about idris too. He is so homo for marrying that tranny make up artist. I bet the ex-wife is the one who spreading the small dick rumors. Why doesn’t he just be openly homo and be over it already.

  • WordtotheWise

    For some reason, I doubt Oprah is giving a flying “you know what” about this. She’s got bigger fish to fry like getting ready for inaugural ball she will be throwing for our president. Sarah’s old news. Moving on…

  • HoneyBrown

    @This I Know:
    BTW, OJ is crying on TV right now. He can go to hell too!

    LOL! Cosign 100%!!!

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