Twitter Files: Chad Ochocinco Sparks Heated Race-Debate On Swirly Love And Interracial Relationships

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Ochocinco started a trending debate on his Twitter page when he addressed the issue of black men dating outside of their race.

The Miami Dolphins baller, seemingly bored last night asked his followers the question: “How do you feel about interracial dating and if it bothers you for whatever reason why… talk to me?”

And was flooded within minutes with varying responses from his followers, some comical others offensive.

One offered the controversial comment:

” because black women make it hard to deal with them. Their expectations are higher than what any man can reach.”

While another narrowed it down to brothers being too cool for school:

“Black men who date outside their race are too fly to be contained to one race. We have options unlike sum.”

Another user didn’t hold back with her thoughts on interracial relationships and wrote:

“Every white girl I know who dates a black man usually gets cheated on…”

Chad, of course played the role of mediator and offered no opinions of his own. However, the NFL star married Evelyn Lozada, who is a proud Puerto Rican in a lavish wedding in St Marteen this month, so maybe that’s his answer right there.

Check out more of the heated responses next and weigh in, how do you feel about interracial love?


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