Knifed Up: New Nose Edition

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Yeah, we know people change as they grow up and mature, blah, blah, blah, but there is a significant difference in Tracey Edmonds’ former and current schnoz.  It’s obvious that she has fallen victim to  Hollyweird common occurence.  Thanks Mel for the before pic*

Bossip exclusively reported back in October of ’06 that Kimora had a little nose work as well. View a before and after shot of Kimora right about now…

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  • Jay

    no wonder the edmonds kids have such a big nose

  • Lady Architect

    Nothing interesting…most hollywood stars are doing it.

  • brownbarbie

    OMG. OK. I have to say that money really can make a person look better. The difference with Kimora Lee is astounding! And Tracey Edmonds’ is a cute girl, but damn! She really chopped off her “blackness” when she changed her damn nose. What happened to Halle Berry’s before and after?

  • eighty

    good thing she got that “fixed” – else she would have never landed Eddie Murphy. you know, with him only dating “black” women, and all

  • shawn

    with stuff like this sisters are the first to call brothers sell outs…interesting

  • Suga

    looks better in the old pic to me….



  • Lili

    My goodness…Tracey got a serious nose job. That is so…blatant.

    And Kimora…she was really cute before, naturally pretty. But dammit if she hasn’t had the best nose job I’ve ever seen. Her and Kim. lol

    But whoa– looks like Kimora had a lip reduction too! She had some thick lips in the before pic.

  • Nikki

    Who cares if you have the money do whateva makes you happy!!

  • loveyoulongtyme

    Tracey actually looked cuter before.

  • Lili

    Take that back about her lips…apparently they got plump afterwards:

  • Licia

    Okay…Tracey, WHATEVER! But can Kimi get something done with that neck. It looks horrible, like slouching socks!

  • Naw Son

    Oh yeah, Tracy sure did change that shnause (Sha-Na-Zzle)

  • lisa

    ohh please everyone in plastic wood wants to be white beyonce has had 2 nosejobs and i think thats why she hooked up with jay when the kids come out ugly everyone will automaticall balme jay z. if she was with a hot man and they have ok kids it will be clear that her features are man made. fake ass fake hair fake tits thats hollywood for you..

  • ThatTouchOfPink

    Kimora’s black features actually stand out more these days, than when she was a model.

    Back in the day, I did not know she was mixed with black. I love that the black features show more today! Both in her facial features, and her style, and personality

  • KDogg

    Where is the hate that Kim k. gets for her suspected enhancement surgery?

  • MOMO

    I like before & after pics. I was think the exact same thing about the fat in Kimora’s neck. Where are the pics of Tyra’s and Kelly Roland’s noses…and remember Mariah’s bottom jaw back in the day? She looked like a squirrel hiding some nuts.

  • Lisa

    So what?!! I’m sure if you could afford to have something “fix” you would.

  • http://www.myspace.comalobienduro NextTopModel

    kims looks the same to me

  • Maya

    I think that when done professionally, and WISELY, plastic surgery isn’t such a bad thing. Let’s face it, everyone has SOMETHING they wish they could fix, tweak, or get rid of all together. As long as U don’t go around looking like Joan Rivers, u cool! Lol!! I know I’m getting LASIK in a few months, I’m tired of wearing contact lenses!! Kimora’s nose looks good…and I didn’t know Beyonce had a nose job…wow.

  • yes

    tracey’s top lip looks bigger too

  • Leah

    I dont get whats the big deal. If you dont like something about yourself and changing it makes you feel better about yourself, so what. Not only celebs get plastic surgery, average folks are getting it too. The percentage of minorities getting plastic surgery is rising every year. You only live once, be happy while you are here.

  • daria

    Almost half celebs have nose jobs. Trust me. None of you would be on these people’s balls without it. Amerie

    Alicia Keys

    Kelly Rowlands

    Toni Braxton


    Patti LaBelle

    Halle Berry

    As long as you’re not looking crazy like Michael, Janet, LaToya, the rest of the Jacksons, Tiny or Lil Kim, who cares? If you color your hair, wear a weave, have a relaxer, they are just as fake. BTW, white celebs with major nose jobs:

    Olsen twins

    Tom Cruise

    Angelina Jolie

    Nicole Kidman

    Jennifer Aniston


    Demi Moore

    Katie Holmes

    Paris Hilton

    Gwyneth Paltrow

  • soap and water

    sorry, this woman is ugly.

  • The Real Essence 1

    Hey Daria

    Don’t forget J-Lo & Kim Kardashian had nose jobs too!

    Where I grew up kids got nose jobs for their bat mitzva & bah mitzvah’s.

    It was very common in my day & imagine it’s more so now. Lol kids would return from Christmas vacation with the blackened eyes & taped noses. You were considered poor & trailer park status if you didn’t get a nose job!

    In my world nose jobs are viewed the same as getting your child braces when they turn 9…


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