Twitter Files: Prince Jackson Puts Aunt Janet On Blizzy Blast!!! Plus Grandma Katherine Devastated By Loss Of Guardianship

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Prince Jackson Reveals Text Messages Proving Janet Jackson Tried Keeping Her Mom Away From Him And His Siblings

While his sister Paris continued to tweet about their Grandmother throughout the night, big brother Prince decided to finally have his say about the Jackson Family Feud.

From his verified Twitter account Prince penned a short message to fans using Twitlonger:

Hit the flip to see the group chat that Prince is referring to

WOW… Does this change how we look at Janet now? How could she be so cold???

SMH. This thing is a mess. We really hope this family gets some real help — the professional kind!

Flip the script for the most recent tweets from Paris Jackson.

Poor Paris seems exhausted. We hope she’s able to rest well now that her Grandmother is home safely.

And speaking of Grandma Katherine, she’s reportedly devastated by losing guardianship of the kids.

More on that when you continue…

“There are rumors going around about me that I have been kidnapped,” Katherine, 82, told ABC News late Wednesday, her first comments since the bizarre brouhaha over her whereabouts erupted July 15.

“ I am good and fine. . . . My children would never do anything to me like that.”

She planned to meet with her lawyer Thursday, the attorney Perry Sanders Jr. told the Daily News.

“I am devastated that while I’ve been away, my grandchildren have been taken away from me, and I’m coming home,” she told ABC.

TJ, Tito Jackson’s 34-year-old son, was granted temporary guardianship during an emergency hearing after what he called a “strange” call from Katherine Tuesday night.

“I’ve never heard my grandmother talk like that. In every way. The sound of her voice, the pauses. Asked simple questions, she wasn’t sure. Some of her words seemed a little slurred,” TJ said in court.

Michael’s brother Randy Jackson, part of the group that whisked Katherine away to an isolated Arizona spa, quickly branded TJ’s move treachery. “He knows his Aunts and Uncles would never hold their mother against her will,” he tweeted. “That’s ABSURD.”

TJ’s lawyer said his client was acting out of loyalty to Michael.

“When his grandmother comes back, he’s going to step right aside,” Charles Shultz told The News.

Patriarch Joe Jackson has yet to comment on the familial fracas but was spotted Wednesday wearing his trademark fedora outside the family’s Encino, Calif., compound.

Lawyers for Katherine Jackson, TJ and the kids told Judge Mitchell Beckloff that Katherine had been missing from her California home since mid-July, compromising her ability to care for Paris, 14, Prince Michael, 15, and Blanket, 11.

“I’ve been at the house since Saturday off and on, and I have reason to believe that Mrs. Jackson is being held against her will,” Katherine’s lawyer Sandra Ribera said.

Judge Beckloff granted TJ’s request but made it clear there was no evidence that Katherine had done anything wrong and that he’d restore her role upon her return.

The temporary custody change came two days after a bizarre confrontation involving Jermaine, Randy, Janet and the King of Pop’s kids Monday.

Ribera said Michael’s siblings “stormed” the Calabasas estate and tried to snatch the kids’ cell phones. An unnamed source told TMZ that Janet slapped Paris and called her a “spoiled little b!tch” .

“That never happened,” Randy told ABC’s “Good Morning America” Wednesday.

Michael’s siblings Randy, Janet, Jermaine, Rebbie and Tito recently signed a letter claiming Michael’s will is a fraud .

Does the text Prince shared change anything about who you believe in this crazy situation???


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