True Or False??? Did Frank Ocean Homo-wreck Super-Producer Tricky Stewart’s Marriage By Slipping A Banana In His Tailpipe?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

Has Tricky Stewart been sampling some of Frank’s “Pink Matter”???

Rumors Surface Of An Alleged Affair Between Frank Ocean And Trick Stewart

The rumor mill is spinning at full-speed today with word coming down that fresh-out-the-closet Odd Future crooner Frank Ocean had a hand in ruining the marriage of The-Dream’s producer/business partner Tricky Stewart when the two men began a love affair.

Now mind you this is only a rumor at this point, but in a lot of cases where there’s smoke…

According to a tipster:

“I know this may never see the light of day but Frank Ocean is a sneaky liar who is the reason why Trickey Stewart and his wife are having a hard time. If you follow other media you would know that this time last year Trickey was telling the world about Frank. Now he is quiet in regards to him. Frank befriended his wife knowing he was getting it on with her husband. Everyone thinks that he was with Kanye or someone like that when it was actually Trickey. I think he said that he was the “same” age as his first lover to toss all blame off Trickey. Email me if you want more ! If you don’t believe me call Terrius Nash aka The Dream and ask him about Trickey’s ways.”

Tricky’s wife Makita is a beautiful woman. Light-skinned, bangin’ body, her own real hair…just the type of woman perfect to act as the beard of a man living deep inside a Versace walk-in closet full of male skeletons. Trick has always been said to be a lil’ on the suspect side by numerous industry vets that he’s come in contact with over the years, but we NEVER saw this one coming!

We can’t say for sure how this one will turn out, but maybe Frank’s bravery will lead to a cast of undercover industry insiders to come…clean, about their sexual preference.

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