Are You Feelin This Get-Up?? JHud on Location

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson on the set of her new film Sex and the City: The Movie. The American Idol reject turned star has the role of Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant, so I guess that’s where those plaid boots and purse come to play. Good to see her getting some mainstream movie action after “Dreamgirls” , that’s definitely a good look.

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  • soap and water

    forget the getup! jhud getting money! first stop sex and the city, next Loreal contracts…damn she bout to be PAID!

  • soap and water

    and her hair is really cute!

  • LondonGal

    I’m really excited for her, I hope she does well in it, she deserves it.

    Now all I have to do is decide which poor male sucker I am going to have to bribe to come see it with me!

  • nicole

    thats because originally the role was meant for alicia keys but she couldn’t do it due to schedule conflicts.

    you can see how ak would have worn that outfit, curly hair and all but j jud works it, too. the boots are a bit questionable.

  • camcam781

    I think she looks good. Looks like she lost some more weight too.

  • Orville

    I also think Jennifer looks great. I also think she’s smart to do some movies that involve NO SINGING. I wish Jennifer well.

  • MissOMyGoodnezz

    thats how they dress on sex in the city so i was expecting it

  • ash

    yup! she looks great to me!



  • Duche Bag Boy

    Yea I am feelin it, I love fat nock-need girls!

  • Naw Son

    I’d spank that. She’s a hottie…take everything off Jen…but leave the Boots on Baby….hold on, i’m comin’

  • Plugg62208

    I’m wanna do some thangz with Miss Hudson….MAN!

  • Mena

    Shes a big star and I am proud of her. Way to go!

  • JillyBean819

    I like the outfit! Mix-matched patterns are in style now.

  • mzc2u

    JHUD’s face and hair look pretty, but I’m sorry, I’m not feeling those boots!!!

  • Sandy

    those boots are banging, is he wearing them right? maybe not, I know this is Sex in the City but for real black women don’t dress like that! they would have been better off keeping it real!

  • Black Velveteen

    Ummm.. them boots gotta go. Otherwise than that, she looks nice.

  • John

    NOOOO !!!!!

  • kelis

    call me crazy, but I love it…

  • Mississippi Girl

    That looks like something that SJP would wear on the show. She is her assistant! He skin is glowing and flawless!! Her hair is cute! She looks much younger than she usually does! Cant wait to see this movie!

  • nuffsaid

    I don’t mind the outfit. But this Oscar winner should remember who she is and don’t fall into some some eye and neck rolling, hand on hip, ish-talking character. Don’t be Cuba Gooding!

  • Shawn

    I actually like the hook-up. However, she has to own the look to be able to pull it off!

  • Seghana

    Looking good Jennifer!

  • Topaz Skyy

    Actually, I like the boots, but not with that outfit.

  • Leah

    The outfit looks “fun and funky”. I am glad to see her doing her thing.

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