We Thought Passing Was So Passé! Trailer For The New Book On Racial Passing “Clearly Invisible” [Video]

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Book On Racial Passing “Clearly Invisible”

There’s a new book out on the topic of racial passing but this time it also explores people passing for the opposite sex and the other ways people take on alternate identities to pave the way to their desired paths in life. We thought the trailer was pretty interesting you can watch it below:

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Here’s a little more info from the author:

Everybody passes. Not just racial minorities. As Marcia Alesan Dawkins explains, passing has been occurring for millennia, since intercultural and interracial contact began. And with this profound new study, she explores its old limits and new possibilities: from women passing as men and able-bodied persons passing as disabled to black classics professors passing as Jewish and white supremacists passing as white.

Already hailed as a pioneering work in the study of race and culture, Clearly Invisible offers powerful testimony to the fact that individual identities are never fully self-determined—and that race is far more a matter of sociology than of biology.

Does this make you want to read the book? How does Dawkins’ theory apply to entertainers? Think about all the gay artists pretending to be straight, or even the straight female artists pretending to be bi — or hell even the former corrections officers turned rappers pretending to be hustlers. Things that make you go hmmmm?


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